Žilina Kia has the first two electric cars, we are targeting the production of the largest SUV and the new Slovnaft business in waste.

Žilina Kia has the first two electric cars, we are targeting the production of the largest SUV and the new Slovnaft business in waste.

The government is preparing to take over the leadership of the independent external Cyber ​​Industry Regulatory Office, which took over under former Economy Minister Richard Sulík. It should be noted that it made decisions to increase gas prices for households and did not wait for the government to approve how to subsidize them. However, aid is late and will not be extended, even to those who do not need it. But above all, the office acted as the law dictated. He had to make pricing decisions in advance and he did so mainly based on the approved costs of their suppliers.

And maybe the whole thing was a government trick early on. Postpone help so that he now has a reason to expel the leadership Sulík from the office. The worst thing is that he elevates his politics above the law.

The government also increased and expanded the ban on importing certain foods from Ukraine and tightened the rules for their transportation through our territory. The ban will also apply next year, and honey, sugar, malt or soy will be added to wheat, maize, rapa and sunflower. All other foodstuffs exported from Ukraine will be subject to a customs stamp, which means that the shipment will be closed during transit through Slovakia.

The government claims that this is how it protects domestic producers, who actually had a problem with imports from Ukraine in the first half of last year. However, he did not support the new ban with any data on how Ukrainian food is burdening the domestic market. Again, the whole thing is more reminiscent of politics than a justified decision with real consequences for the domestic market.

At least none of these has yet stopped big investors from bringing new development projects in the country.

Everything important about Slovak companies was summarized by Ivan Haluza do 2,100 wordsWhat 9 and a half minutes reading.

1. Even Kia from Žilina has some new production of electric cars, namely two at once. One will be a new SUV

After Volkswagen of Bratislava, Stellantis of Trnava and the Volvo plant that is still under construction in Košice, Kia of Žilina is also sure to start producing electric cars. It was assumed for a long time, but only now it has been fully confirmed by recent investments Project North Slovak car company. It also requests investment incentives from the government, and the relevant proposal has already been submitted for comment.

According to the project, Kia in Žilina will start producing one new electric car in the lower middle class and also a new electric model from the SUV class. This is a fundamental innovation for the second largest Slovak factory, because from 2035 only electric cars will be produced on the European market.

Combustion cars from Žilina Kia will be supported by new electric cars in a few years. Photo – TASR

What will be the new investment of Kia from Žilina:

  • The project says that starting the production of the first two electric cars will cost a total of 108 million euros, the investment will be implemented between 2024 and 2028.
  • The Ministry of Economy wants to give the company a tax exemption of 30 million euros. It still has to be approved by the government, but that should only be a formality.
  • With the new production of electric vehicles, the production of the Žilina plant will not only change, but also expand. Current production of combustion and hybrid vehicles will continue. The plant will continue to produce its current Ceed, XCeed, ProCeed, Ceed Sportswagon models, as well as the Sportage and its electric versions.
  • Compared to the average for the years 2020 to 2022, the production of the plant will increase by 36 percent per euro.
  • However, new jobs will not be created either because the assembly of electric vehicles is less labor intensive than the assembly of combustion vehicles. The investor only wants to force the government to provide new incentives to maintain more than 3,500 existing jobs.

Find out more about Kia Žilina. By 2022, the plant has produced more than 4.4 million vehicles and more than 6.5 million engines. Last year, the car company achieved sales of more than 6.7 billion euros and its net profit was 176 million euros.

2. Bratislava-based Volkswagen is not only starting production of the new Passat and Superb, but is also said to be getting the larger SUV Audi Q9.

Last week, the Bratislava-based car company Volkswagen of Germany started mass production of the new Volkswagen Passat and Škoda Superb models, and since spring has already guaranteed the production of the first electric SUV Porsche Cayenne. However, that may not be all, because according to HN information The first model from the family of the largest SUVs in the world can also be added to its production mix.

It is a new Audi car with the name Q9, which aims to compete with the top models of other car manufacturers, for example, the Mercedes-Benz GLS or the BMW X7.

Audi Q9. Visualization – Autoevolution

Today, the Bratislava subsidiary of the German concern produces the Audi Q7 and Q8.

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