Zeekr, born from the Geely-Volvo partnership, is coming to Europe

Zeekr, born from the Geely-Volvo partnership, is coming to Europe

Zeekr, another name for the Geely-Volvo partnership after Lynk&Co, will also try to be at the center of the competition in Europe.

As with MG, the momentum gained by Volvo by continuing its journey in the body of Geely, the Chinese manufacturer, cannot be underestimated. The Swedish manufacturer, which has gained momentum in recent years with an increase in new production equipment and sales numbers, also provided invaluable R&D support to Geely. In the process, we began to see new brands born from the hands of the two on the road. Zeekr, one of these models along with Lynk & Co, announced that it will enter Europe after the Far East. With this announcement made within the scope of the Shanghai Motor Show, the models for sale and the first target markets were also announced.

Zeekr will enter Europe with two models in the first phase

Zeekr, which will be included in the European opening process of the new agencies that started through Lynk & Co in 2020, will focus on certain markets in the first stage, like other brands. Although it is announced that the sales process will start in Sweden and the Netherlands at the moment, the first model released to consumers will be the 001. The 001, which will be presented to consumers in the last quarter of 2024, will be followed by the X, which was introduced last February. Zeekr’s European operation will be headquartered in Amsterdam.


Highlights from the models

It is possible to say that the 001, which will be the first model Zeekr will present in Europe, is very competitive in terms of technical quality. The Zeekr 001, which claims a range of 600 km in its single version of the electric car, will be able to answer those looking for high performance with its version of the electric motor of 544 PS. The biggest surprise of the car, whose make-up version was introduced in January, was the battery side. Touting a super-capacity 140 kWh battery pack, the 001 drew attention for its claimed range of over 1,000 km on the Chinese test circuit. Zeekr X, which was launched in February, distinguishes itself as one and two electric motors. The model’s two electric motor package, which provides a range of up to 440 kilometers in WTLP standards, is outstanding with its 476 horsepower and a 0-100 value in 3.7 seconds. The starting price of the X in China is shared as $27,615.