Yesterday, Aston Martin DB12 was released so Junny wanted to try Nasi Padang

Yesterday, Aston Martin DB12 was released so Junny wanted to try Nasi Padang

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Several news announced yesterday, Friday (26/5), on Life, Entertainment, Cars and Tech channels are still interesting to watch, starting with the official launch of Aston Martin DB12, the bazaar book “Big Bad Wolf Books”, for South Korean singer Junny who did a concert in Jakarta and admitted that he wanted to taste Nasi Padang.

Here’s a summary:

1. The Aston Martin DB12 launches with an AMG V8 engine with 671 hp

Aston Martin officially launched the DB12, which comes with an AMG V8 engine capable of producing 671 hp and a top speed of 325 kilometers per hour.

2. Mahfud MD asked the experts to participate in the open selection of the Director General of BAKTI

Acting Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Menkominfo) Mahfud MD invited professionals and experts in the communications sector to participate and participate in the new appointment to hold the position of President Director of the Agency for Communications and Access to Information (BAKTI).

3. The 2023 “Big Bad Wolf Books” exhibition is back on today

The International Book Bazaar “Big Bad Wolf Books” (BBW) is back at ICE BSD, South Tangerang from May 26 to June 5.

“This time we will give out 50 thousand books and about 40 percent are Indonesian books and the rest are international,” said Big Bad Wolf President Director Uli Silalahi when they met at ICE BSD, South Tangerang, Friday.

4. The series “Citadel” will continue until the second season

Prime Video announced that the spy thriller series “Citadel” will continue its saga with a second season.

All episodes of “The Citadel” season two will be directed by Joe Russo with David Weil serving as executive producer and showrunner. The series was produced by Amazon Studios and AGBO owned by the Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe Russo.

5. When he visited Indonesia, soloist Junny chose Nasi Padang with the name Jaya

Pop R&B singer from South Korea, Junny, admits that she can’t wait to try various Indonesian flavors, one of which is Nasi Padang, which is a classic for spicy dishes.

Preacher: Suci Nurhaliza
Editor: Natisha Andarningtyas