Wow!  Dutch Spyker wants to start over… with bad Russian money

Wow! Dutch Spyker wants to start over… with bad Russian money

But… er… Spyker has been bankrupt for a long time, hasn’t it? Yes and no. Because the founder Victor Muller continues to move around in curator circles and has recently announced for the umpteenth time that he wants to start over. Only now it appears that one of his Russian business partners – a friend of Vladimir Putin – is completely wrong.

Spyker is an endless application. Parts of the Dutch car brand have been bankrupt for a few years, but the parts were still there until recently, on paper. The curator has a hard time with it, because apparently Spyker and Victor Muller never follow the agreement. He even threatened to reserve trademark rights for sale.

Spyker would start again

And then suddenly Muller made a surprising announcement. There will be a reboot of Spyker, with the help of a number of Russian sponsors. Muller also said that a few years ago, but it never happened. So we take new initiatives with a moderately high grain of salt.

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Putin’s childhood friend is now on the sanctions list

Spyker should start building cars again, in Russia and Germany, with money from Boris Rotenberg and Mikhail Pessis. The old man has been a friend of Vladimir Putin since his youth, so it is not surprising that he has now built a fortune of 1.2 billion dollars in the banking sector and the oil and gas industry.

Rotenberg was placed on the international sanctions list this week. He is said to have played a role in the conflict surrounding Ukraine and is clearly benefiting from the Russian government in business matters. His brother – Arkady Rotenberg – has been on the list since 2014, after Russia annexed Crimea.

“I didn’t know that,” says Victor Muller

For payment RTL news Victor Muller said that his future plans for Spyker may be finalized. “If it weren’t for the fact that I don’t just do business with Rotenberg.” Muller says he knows nothing about sanctions against his investor. “I didn’t know that. That’s new to me.”