Wow!  Acura NSX S Model Sold Within 24 Hours

Wow! Acura NSX S Model Sold Within 24 Hours

Jakarta, – A total of 300 units of the Acura NSX TYpe S were sold in just 24 hours. This limited production car became controversial because it was the last NSX that was produced. After that the car will be replaced by an electric sports car made by Acura.

Reported by Carscoops, Saturday (18/9/2021), ordering the Acura NSX Type S was a surprise in itself. The reason is that even though 300 people have ordered it, there are still another 100 people who are willing to fork over their money if the customer cancels the purchase.

Although it’s not cheap to bring home a hybrid sports car made by Acura. Acura is selling this car at a price of USD 169,500 or equivalent to Rp. 2.4 billion. But buyers have to spend more if they want to equip the car with the Japanese flag with a special package, the Light Package.

According to Carscoops, the package includes carbon-ceramic Brembo brake pads, an engine cover and a carbon fiber interior package. With the package, the price of the Acura NSX was increased to USD 182,500 or equivalent to Rp. 2.5 billion.

New 2021 acura nsx concept 0-60

A higher price pays with better performance. Because the weight of the car has been reduced to 26.2 kg. This weight reduction certainly gives the Acura NSX a more impressive acceleration. It’s just that under normal conditions, the Acura NSX Type should not be taken lightly.

The reason is that the car carries a V6 engine with a capacity of 2.5 liter turbo cylinder along with three electric motors with a power of about 27 horses. The additional power that can increase the engine has a maximum power of 600 horses.

In addition, the Acura NSX in normal condition has been named the best handling car of all time. That’s thanks to increased power from a better transmission, a smaller track width and a carbon fiber roof. (R1/

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