‘Work kit’ makes Peugeot 208 Style compete with rivals |  Special promotion Peugeot Le Lac

‘Work kit’ makes Peugeot 208 Style compete with rivals | Special promotion Peugeot Le Lac

Source: Peugeot Lelac — Photo: Peugeot 208 Style

Brazil’s automotive industry produced more than half a million vehicles in the first quarter of 2023 alone, according to data from the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers (Anfavea). In such a large and diversified market, it is important to offer differences that win and convince consumers. The Peugeot 208 was successful: last year, it was on the list of the four best-selling hatchback models in the country. And, part of this thanks to innovations in performance and design, which increased sales.

Peugeot 208 and the formula for success

In March of this year, a study was carried out by Quatro Rodas magazine among the 1.0 hatchback cars on the market, seeking to understand the differences between each car. O Peugeot 208 Style 1.0at the moment, it seemed to be the most complete among its competitors.

Source: Quatro Rodas Magazine 2023

In the formula that has caused the title is a combination of engine, design and comfort. Last year, the car beat the competitive three-cylinder engine 1.0 Firefly, 75 horse power, a novelty that combines lightness in urban traffic with great fuel economy.

Peugeot 208 is already completed from the previous version, Like. Among the highlights are digital air conditioning, radio with Bluetooth, electric front windows and electric steering wheel.

Source: Peugeot Lelac — Photo: Peugeot 208 Style

In addition to these entry-level items, the Model 208 version includes saber tooth led lights, a 10-inch multimedia center with a wireless cellphone mirror, induction charging with Apple Carplay and Android wireless connectivity. Auto, panoramic roof, alloy wheels and sports. to finish

Source: Peugeot Lelac — Photo: Peugeot 208 Style

Ergonomics and comfort are also important aspects of the model. The second iCockpit panel brings the instrument cluster above the steering wheel, which provides excellent visibility and a sporty driving position. The amazing design also combines with all these features. “Peugeot 208 is one of the most customer-satisfying models. With the current technology package, care that is not found in other cars and different ergonomics, the owner will only be happy in his journey”says the marketing manager of Le Lac Group, Acir André.

Honesty is the spirit of business

In addition to all the differences, another important factor when choosing and buying a car is reliability. In this regard, Peugeot Le Lac stands for working for almost 30 years with the brand and becoming a reference in Curitiba and Paraná. This dealership has represented Peugeot since the beginning of operations in Brazil, without interruption, and has one of the largest catalogs of fast delivery models, which simplifies the customer’s choice and speeds up the delivery process.

Peugeot Le Lac has two stores in Curitiba: one in Desembargador Westphalen, 3790, Parolin and the other in Av. Mário Tourinho, 1424, Campina do Siqueira. Both offer test drive models with the entire line on display. In 2023, the dealership was voted number 1 in a position that compared Peugeot after-sales services in Brazil.

“Partnership with the car manufacturer’s bank offers different rates and conditions so that the purchase of a new car fits the customer’s budget and increases the satisfaction of driving a Peugeot 0km car. The availability of two stores in Curitiba makes travel easier. The customer can go to the nearest store and expect the same level of service in both”assures Acir André.

Action brings a showroom for comparison and ease of payment

After the results of the comparison between the competitors, which highlighted the great potential of the Peugeot 208 Style, Peugeot Le Lac launched the #discoverpeugeot campaign, a promotional event that will continue until next Sunday, May 21. The action offers the promotion of 0% rate, 60% down payment and 24 installments on the 208 model.

Until the end of May, the Peugeot 208 has versions with a starting price of R$ 69,990.00, one of the cheapest new cars sold in the country. The comparative winner, the Model 208, is available from R$ 84,990.00. “None of the competitors in the comparison has the same package and, however, the Peugeot 208 does not pay extra for it.”emphasizes Acir André.

The merchant also offers various payment options: plans with a down payment of 30% and the balance in 72 months or a down payment of 60% and a 0% payment rate for up to 24 installments.

In addition, the #discoverpeugeot initiative invites customers to get to know the brand and understand the benefits and differences of the Peugeot 208 chosen as the most complete car in the segment. Therefore, between the 19th and 20th of May, Peugeot Le Lac will present three competitive models in the showroom, so that the customer can compare in person.

“It is a challenge that only those who are sure of the quality of the car can offer”concludes the manager of the Le Lac Group.