Wolff gives first glimpse of Mercedes upgrade to W14 – Formula 1 News

Wolff gives first glimpse of Mercedes upgrade to W14 – Formula 1 News

Mercedes was tested

Mercedes tested the “improved W14” for the first time this Friday (26) (Photo: Andrej Isakovic / AFP)

A Mercedes tested for the first time reloaded W14 in two free training sessions, held this Friday (26), at GP of Monaco. The car did away with the “zeropod” concept and has the same curves as other teams’ cars. In addition, the suspension has been improved so that its riders can take corners smoothly and quickly.

Changes should be measured in Emilia-Romagna GPcanceled last week due to heavy rain in the north Italy. Therefore, the only way out of the Anglo-German team was to try them already Monte Carlo, where high speed is not the main factor. However, the Mercedes boss, Toto Wolffhe had a good first impression.

“At least the updated car is not worse than before. That’s a good sign for Monaco. For the first time, the car didn’t do anything we didn’t like,” said the Austrian in an interview with a German broadcaster. sky. He also noted that the tendency is for those teams to separate, in classification, by two to three tenths.

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Lewis Hamilton best understood the new W14 (Image: Mercedes)

Wolff also commented on the difficulty of George Russellwhich it does not TL1 was only 15 and in TL2had a noticeable improvement and finished 12th. Performance of the car owner #63 unlike that of lewis hamiltonwhich finished 3rd and 6th in two free practice sessions, respectively.

“George [Russell] it took a few laps to get into a rhythm. The important thing is that he is improving and in qualifying he is fully committed. I’m not worried about that. We also tested two setups in FP2 and now we’ve found something that George likes,” Wolff said.

Another who approved the performance of the “new W14” was Andrew Shovlin, director of engineering at Mercedes. According to him, “it is difficult to evaluate the improvement of this song [de Mônaco] on the lap clock feature, but everything works as expected” and he also emphasized that the Anglo-German team implemented a large test program in the simulator so that more functionality could be released into the package.

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George Russell struggled to get fast laps in the new W14 (Image: AFP)

On the other hand, the pilots had negative reactions. Hamilton was more enthusiastic about the updates and reported that he feels better, although he still has some issues to work out. Russell, on the other hand, said he saw “positive signs”, but stressed that Monaco’s doctor is not good at assessing improvement and that he still needs to work hard to get up to speed.

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