With a more attractive design than the Fiat Multipla and six seats, you have it for less than 4,000 euros second-hand.

With a more attractive design than the Fiat Multipla and six seats, you have it for less than 4,000 euros second-hand.

The misunderstanding of his time.

Finding a place in the car market is difficult. As a general rule, brands do not stop introducing new models regularly, which means that the window of opportunity in which cars can be limited. That does it Cars that are very attractive often go unnoticed.

This is the case of the car that we present to you today, the Honda FR-Va small car that is considered to be Fiat Multipla Japanese because, like the unattractive Italian, it had the configuration of six seats spread over two rows of seats, which is a real rarity in the industry.

Despite having this approach, it had relatively compact dimensions that did not prevent it from finding space inside: 4,285 mm long, 1,810 mm wide, 1,610 mm long and 2,680 mm in wheelbase.

Moreover, the fact of distributing the seats in only two rows instead of three, allowed to provide a larger trunk than the seven-seater rivals in a 2+3+2 configuration: it had volume of 439 liters which was expanded to 1,049 by later reductions.

Its history was very short, about five years on the market, during which only one generation was sold, which, however, received a mid-life cycle update.

At its launch it was sold only with gasoline engines, specifically a 1.7 of 125 CV and a 2.0 CV 150; but shortly after adding a diesel alternative to its range. 140 CV which stood out by offering the lowest consumption of the three (6.3 l/100 km).

It was in 2007, for the last part of the model, when an update was given, with a slight touch to the beauty, expansion of its equipment and, above all, replacing the two petrol engines that existed until now. new 1.8 140 hp blockleaving an offer consisting of two blocks of equal strength.

The new option can be combined with a six-speed manual box or a five-speed automatic, recording the consumption of 7.5 l / 100 km in the first case and 8.1 in the second.

With everything mentioned, it is not surprising that its offer among second-hand cars is quite rare. In fact, there are currently more than two dozen copies being sold across Spain.

They are very old models, since the model was only produced between 2005 and 2009. However, since that time, it is possible to find versions with a diesel engine that has the label DGT B, as well as some gasoline that they play. C, so especially the last one is an option to consider if you live in a big city.

In general, they accumulate a few kilometers behind them, the ones with the least use are those with 150,000 kilometers and those with the ability to exceed 300,000 kilometers.

Regarding the price, The fork starts at around 3,000 euroswhile the most expensive units can go up to around 8,000 euros.