With a Jeep Avenger in Spain [first drive]

With a Jeep Avenger in Spain [first drive]

Who would have expected that today an electric jeep will show even more interest than its regular version.

If you know its existence They took revenge, then you will remember that in addition to the electric one, there is also a version with a three-cylinder gasoline engine. However, don’t bet on this one, which is only available in the Italian and Spanish markets. That is, in markets where there are no subsidies for electric vehicles.

Even if there was, I was very impressed during the pan-European presentation of the Avenger that there was no mention of a standard version. As if it wasn’t there, showing where things are going even for a traditional American company like Jeep.

In fact, the Avenger is a special case as it is a European product equipped with equipment from the Stellantis group and a new propulsion system with a 156 hp electric motor and a 52 kWh battery that provides 400 kilometers of autonomy.

Something that is also possible in the real world, as I saw first hand driving an Avenger in Malaga with a consumption of 16-17 kWh. As an electric, this jeep is the sweetest in its ride with a high quality ride and suspension that has no hard or soft adjustments. I’d say it’s fine, at least as seen on the Spanish tarmac.

From there on, the Jeep people are trying to convince about the off-road virtues of the Avenger. For sure since even 20cm from the bottom, even the profile drivers that imitate the cable lock, cannot replace the four-wheel drive.

But until we say more about driving an electric Jeep in our country you can check the following interesting tips, as well as its sale prices in Greece.

Tips for revenge technology

  • The prototype is based on an improved version of the eCMP platform, which is appearing for the first time. 60% of the platform components are Jeep exclusive.
  • The new generation 400V system is the first to be presented by Emotors, a joint venture between Stellantis and Nidec Leroy-Somer Holding. It produces 115 kW (156 hp) and 260 Nm of torque. The name of the new electric motor is M3.
  • A new 54 kWh battery manufactured by Stellantis. It offers high energy density and an excellent ratio of nominal and useful capacity. Specifically, the battery has 17 units with a total of 102 cells (Lithium-Ion NMC 811) and provides the Avenger with a range of 400 km. of autonomy in mixed conditions WLTP and 550 km. in urban conditions.
  • Especially for the range, compared to the first generation eCMP platform, the new Avenger kit offers a higher range due to: +5% of the new electric motor, +12% due to the new battery, +8% for other reasons (better aerodynamics, improved box, less rolling resistance than tires, etc.)
  • Also due to the std heat pump there is a 10% increase in freedom in cold / hot conditions
  • In total it has three operating programs, ECO (with output * 60kW / 180Nm), Normal (with output * 80kW / 220Nm) and Sport (115kW / 260Nm) *automatically shuts off at full power unless it is kicked down.
  • At the same time, two levels of energy recovery are available (Normal, -0.6m/s2, 15kw, 35 Nm and Plus -1.2m/s2, 45kW, 70Nm)
  • The new battery, which has passed tests of more than 2 million kilometers, is very tough and does not reduce the available interior space. At the same time, it is protected even on roadways at a long distance from the ground, with protective metal aprons. The weight of the battery is 320 kg, while the total weight is limited to 1,500 kg.
  • With the average daily distance covered by a European being 30 km, the Avenger can restore the required range in just 3 minutes via a 100 kW DC charger. On the same charger, the rate goes from 20% to 80% in just 24 minutes. Compatible with AC 11 kW charger, charge (0% – 100%) takes 5.5 hours.
  • The Avenger is the first front-wheel drive Jeep to feature the Selec-Terrain and Hill Descent Control systems.
  • The Selec-Terrain system offers six options: “Normal” for everyday use, “Eco” for maximum freedom, “Sport” for high performance, “Snow” for maximum traction in icy conditions, “Mud” for better performance in muddy conditions. tracks and “Sand”, which reduces the possibility of the car coming to rest on a sandy area.
  • The Avenger is only 4.08 meters long, 16 centimeters shorter than the Renegade. At the same time, very small overhangs in the front and back and large wheels make its proportions more powerful. Small high-mounted pillars combined with excellent ground clearance (minimum 200mm) provide better approach (20°), ramp (20°) and escape angles (32°), which are important for off-road routes , but with excess. important even in urban conditions.
  • With the aim of reducing the damage caused by low-speed collisions, which account for 70% of cases in Europe, the Avenger has all-round protective surfaces (360 °), but also light bodies that are also protected from their path. are placed inside the mask. These figures are estimated to be able to reduce repair costs from minor accidents by around €1,000. Also, the aprons under the bumper are made of polymer material with embedded paint, so even if they are hit, the damage is not visible.
  • Inside, the center console is also designed to provide as much space as possible, with a capacity of 34 liters, an impressive value compared to the average of 15 liters offered by the competition in the segment. The center console moves to accommodate objects of various sizes, while additional space is available under the automatic transmission buttons, which is protected by a magnetic folding cover. In this position the mobile phone can be charged and at the same time the 1.5 liter bottle can be suitable.
  • The luggage compartment with 380 liters is one of the leaders in the category. The loading threshold is reduced to 720 mm, when the width of the opening exceeds 1 meter.