“Williams will make a big step soon”

“Williams will make a big step soon”

Former Formula 1 champion Jenson Button says Williams will make significant progress soon.

Jenson Button is currently an adviser to Williams and is well aware of what is going on within the team.

Button, who previously worked with James Vowles, began by assessing his team leader: “I’ve known James for many years. When I was champion in 2009, which was a long time ago, he was our strategist.”

“I started working with him in 2003 when the team was called BAR Honda. Then the team moved to Brawn, then the Mercedes factory team.”

“James has been in Formula 1 for many years. He has a lot of experience and is very good not only in strategy but also in engineering. In addition, he has been working with Toto Wolff for a long time.”

“I’m delighted that James is taking over at Williams Racing. He’s a very good person, he’s very hardworking, he shows himself and he has his energy. If you’re a team principal you have to do that.”

Jenson Button, Sky Sports F1

Photo: Simon Galloway / Sports Pictures

“He’s been through a lot in his career, he’s had wins and losses. He knows how to win races because he’s been at a big team like Mercedes for a long time. He understands what needs to change at Williams.”

“I also like the way he manages his analysis sessions with the team after the race, he has a different perspective from the bosses of other teams, I’m sure it’s good for the whole team to express their thoughts, but it’s good that Williams fans listen to him. for him too because it helps them understand what’s going on.”

“I think we will see a change in the balance of power in Formula 1 in a few years. I am sure Williams will close the gap at the front. I cannot say when that will happen, but in the next two years we will see great progress and positive changes.”

“Williams’ budget is now at normal levels. We just have to understand the issues and bring order.”

“First of all, we are talking about aerodynamics and the wind tunnel. I personally think we can see positive progress already, but we still have a lot more to do in the coming years.”

“It is also very important that our team has the right environment. It brought happiness to everyone, I think now everyone believes Williams will succeed.”