Williams ‘impersonates’ Red Bull and is competing to draw three doctors

Williams ‘impersonates’ Red Bull and is competing to draw three doctors

The team designed four possible Gulf options and the winning design voted for by the public will be used on their cars for Doctors Singapore, Japan and Qatar.

A Williams asked the fans vote in the donor’s special drawing Gulf which will be used in System 1 2023: The team has created four options and the winning design from the public vote will be used on their cars for the GPs there. singapore, Japan It is Qatar. The action is similar to that of Red Bull.

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Gulf, then, in a way repeats what it did with McLaren in the 2021 Monaco GP, when a special paint job was used. For the contest now, four designs have been created for voting: Heritage (classic, pictured above), Contemporary (below), Visionary, and Bolder than Bold.


Photo by: Williams

The first is similar to the one used by McLaren and is intended to reflect the Gulf’s early years with Ford and Porsche in sports car racing, while the other three are more modern interpretations. See the options below Visionary:

A visionary

Photo by: Williams

Williams team boss James Vowles has indicated that he prefers a version that reflects the Gulf’s history: “This is a time that I see in motorsport as a good time. Gulf advertising, GT40 and Porsche after that is just an image.”

“And so partnering with Gulf and having the opportunity to do something similar with Williams makes me happy. It represents our sport. It represents our history. And we have two brands with great heritage coming together. I think that’s why the colors work. It’s not the colors themselves, it’s the nature of the heritage they have behind them”, continued Vowles, the former director of Mercedes. Check out Bolder than Bold’s selection:

courage than courage

Photo by: Williams

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