Why does Lamborghini love to burn?  Let us explain!

Why does Lamborghini love to burn? Let us explain!

Recently, a Lamborghini Gallardo caught fire on the BR-356, in Belo Horizonte. The fire that consumed the old Italian car was recorded by passers-by and the images spread on social networks. It is not the first time that a branded car has caught fire. Just search: “Lamborghini catches fire” and many images appear.

Around the world there are several records of Lamborghini models that have caught fire in traffic. One reason lies in the architecture of the supercar itself.


Since the Countach, which had its first prototype launched in 1970, engineers placed two tanks in the space left from the car, separately, between the passenger compartment and the engine compartment. Basically between the door and the rear fender. One module on each side.

Since the Countach, which was on the line from 1974 to 1990, Lambos’ fuel tank (with later engines) is on the side next to the engine (Image: Pinterest | Production)

It’s not much different from a regular modern car, where the tank is placed under the second row seat. However, in the case of the Countach, Diablo, Murciélago, Aventador, Gallardo and Huracán there is an amazing V12 or V10 (in the case of the last two), as well as a cardan shaft to transfer torque to the front wheels and transmission. Therefore, the tank is two-sided and connected with a pipe to form a single reservoir.

The problem is that everything in Lambo is compressed. Engines are large, with 5.2 liters (V10) and 6.5 liters of displacement in the V12. Not to mention that it is necessary to install, back there, transmission, differential, radiators, exhaust and aggregates.

The Gallardo’s tank (red) has two sides and the proximity of the exhaust ducts causes the petrol vapors to ignite (Image: Production | Lamborghini)

All of this creates an absurd hot spot in the vault. The heat is so high that when parking one of these cars, the driver must be careful not to get too close to the walls, as there is a risk of the plastic parts being damaged by the heat.

This was reported by a Diablo owner years ago. By the way, here’s a tip: avoid parking attached to the back of the Lamborghini, as your bumper may melt.

But why does Lamborghini catch fire?

One of the reasons is that the oil tends to exhale, and when this vapor comes into contact with the exhaust ducts it produces an ignition process. From a certain point, it is not very different from what often happens with the Vokswagen Kombi which, due to the dryness of the fuel hose, can drop into the engine and cause the Old Warrior to catch fire.

In 2017, the brand issued a recall campaign involving the Aventador model, after several units were destroyed by fire. Depending on the brand, when the tank is filled to the limit, the flow of fuel vapor becomes large and produces an explosion inside the engine compartment.

lamborghini gallardo 2003 yellow front and side movement
Launched in 2003, the Lamborghini Gallardo was the brand’s first model with a futuristic V10 engine.

Still according to the brand, in the case of stopped traffic, if the driver accelerates, the risk of an explosion of gasoline “mist” increases.

That’s what happened to an Aventador Roadster owner in the UK, according to daily mail, the 45-year-old man and his daughter stopped at a gas station to buy soda and when they returned to the car, they noticed a strong smell. When he opened the back hatch, the man saw that the room was on fire.

In the case of Lamborghini from BH, that seems to be the case. The place where the car was burnt is at the top of the slope. Both for the driver going up the Raja Gabaglia road, and for those traveling along Nossa Sra. from Carmo. That is, in both cases, the driver will have to increase the turn to go over both lanes. And as the traffic slowed, the gasoline vapors flared.

But that doesn’t mean that every Lamborghini is going to catch fire. Factors such as usage, maintenance, fuel quality can add to the mix of “ingredients” that lead to a car catching fire. If your friend has already spent a bit of money on such a car, then set aside more money to give a plan and replace any hardened plastic or rubber parts that may be showing cracks.


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