Who were the main players of the European market in April?

In the market that registered an increase, the main model in April on the European market comes from Romania, while the one that sells the most electricity for the month and in total for 4 months from the other side of the Atlantic.

In April the new passenger car registrations in Europe reached 960,191 units recording for the ninth month in a row an increase that reached a percentage of 16%.

If anything, these good results are due to increased demand for electric vehicles.

According to JATO Dynamics data on sales in 28 European marketsBEVs represented 13% of total sales in Europe – performance corresponding to an increase of almost 3 percent compared to April 2022.

The The VW Group overall led the BEV race for registration growth for 98% and a performance of 31,900 units – more than double the 14,200 units recorded by Tesla. THE Stellantis followed in second place, but lost due to low sales growth in the category which was reduced to 5%. THE Geely and others chinese manufacturers, recorded total electricity sales of 8,334 and 7,114 respectively.

However, The best-selling BEV for the month of April was the Tesla Model Y, with over 10,000 sales. IDs VW.4 and ID.3 were found in the next two ranks.

THE Stellantis, of The VW Group and Geely They also led the sale of plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), with demand for the vehicles remaining stable compared to last year’s levels, with a total of 71,960 sales. The leader here once again was Kuga PHEV, followed by Volvo XC60 and Lynk&Co 01.

Chinese course

last month, cars made in China they only represented 3.4% of new vehicle registrations with a total of approx 32,000 units. This number includes cars produced by Chinese car manufacturers in China and cars from European manufacturers that are also produced in the largest market on the planetsuch as BMW iX3, Smart #1, Polestar 2, Dacia Spring and Citroen C5 X.

The fountain of SUVs

Last month, the registration of the SUV in Europe was completed 492,000 units capture market share 51.3%. The VW Group, of Stellantis and Hyundai Motor Group (Hyundai-Kia) dominated the category. In the list of SUV models, the leaders were T-Roc, Toyota Yaris Cross, Dacia Duster, Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson.

Dacia Sandero leading the race

The Dacia Sandero was the overall market leader in Europe in April, with approx 18,700 sales and increase its commercial appeal by 44%. The model of the Romanian company was the most popular in Belgium and Ireland and the second in Portugal and Spain. Dacia also saw a 147% increase in sales of the Jogger with a total of 7,237 units.

More under the standards, the Tesla Model Y it ranked 17th with 10,600 units, but retained the unofficial title of most popular model for 2023.