Who plays Sabine Wren in Ahsoka?

Who plays Sabine Wren in Ahsoka?

The inaugural pair of Ahsoka’s latest installments made their grand entrance on Disney+ during the current week. Alongside acquainting us with the eponymous renegade Jedi portrayed by Rosario Dawson, this fresh Star Wars saga introduces a plethora of novel personas alongside treasured figures from the Star Wars Rebels animated chronicle. Among these, Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian mural maestro with a penchant for audacious coiffures and the knack for untangling intricate technological enigmas, holds a paramount stance.

In the domain of Star Wars Rebels, the vocal cords behind Sabine belonged to Tiya Sircar. However, in the live-action rendition of the Ahsoka narrative, the embodiment of Sabine Wren finds life through Australian performer Natasha Liu Bordizzo. Prior to her involvement in Ahsoka, Bordizzo had chiefly etched her presence in movies like Day Shift and The Voyeurs and had left an imprint on TV series such as The Society, wherein she assumed the character of Helena Wu.

A thought that might sprout post a gaze at Ahsoka’s maiden duo of episodes is the speculative query about Sabine Wren’s Jedi affiliation. After all, she wields a lightsaber and once imbibed teachings from Ahsoka Tano. Notwithstanding these facets, Sabine does not lay claim to the Jedi moniker, at least as the series initiates. Rather, she holds allegiance to Mandalorian heritage, and during the course of Star Wars Rebels, she bore the Darksaber for a span.

During her formative juncture, Sabine underwent instruction under the Jedi aegis of Kanan Jaris and his apprentice Ezra Bridger. In due course, she relinquished the Darksaber to the custody of Bo-Katan Kryze, and ultimately, as the Star Wars Rebels epic drew to its closure, she found herself in the custody of Ezra’s lightsaber.

The chronicles imply that all of Sabine’s tutelage under Ahsoka transpired after the cessation of Star Wars Rebels. While it appears she may have imbibed further wisdom about the Jedi path during this interval, it’s discernible that she and Ahsoka embarked on separate trajectories with her apprenticeship significantly incomplete.

The possibility arises that we might witness the culmination of Sabine Wren’s training within the folds of Ahsoka. The advent of new episodes is set for Tuesday nights exclusively on Disney+.