Which of the Two Renault SUVs Should You Choose?

Which of the Two Renault SUVs Should You Choose?

As Renault’s fingers danced across the strings of his Arkana instrument, a crowd gathered around him. The SUV quickly captured the hearts of many, thanks to its sleek coupe design that set it apart from other mass-market vehicles. It had even caused the early retirement of the once-popular Kadjar.

But what was truly impressive was the Arkana’s affordability. Built on the same platform as the Clio and Captur, it naturally came at a lower cost than the more expensive Kadjar and the new Renault Austral.

Yet, even with its lower price tag, the Renault Arkana did not sacrifice quality or style. At 4.57 meters, it was 6 centimeters taller than the Renault Austral, offering a unique sense of space and comfort. And while you might expect the longer vehicle to be the pricier option, it was actually the opposite. The Renault Arkana was available for as little as 31,300 € for the 1.3 TCE 140 EDC7 mild-hybrid, while the Renault Austral started at 33,400 € for the 1.2 TCE 130ch mild-hybrid with manual transmission.

It was no wonder that those in the market for a new SUV were finding it hard to choose between these two incredible Renault options.

Which of the Two Renault SUVs Should You Choose?

The competition rages on within the internal ranks, as the flashy newcomer flaunts its hybrid versions boasting 160 and 200 horsepower, while the Renault Arkana quietly hums along with its E-Tech and 145 horsepower. Of course, for some, the decision between these two vehicles might be made based solely on the numbers: power and price. But for those seeking more depth and versatility, there are several other factors that could tip the scales.

Despite Renault Austral’s lower price tag, it doesn’t skimp on space for the whole family. Its Captur chassis provides a longer wheelbase, offering plenty of legroom for adult passengers in the rear seats. And for those in need of extra storage space, the Renault Austral’s seat slides more than 16 centimeters to extend the trunk. Surprisingly, even with a shorter wheelbase than the Renault Arkana, the Austral manages to offer an additional 7 centimeters of legroom and the option for a bench seat that slides forward for even more cargo capacity.

While the Renault Arkana may boast 410 dm3 under the shelf, the Renault Austral is no slouch with its 320 Dm3 (and a space-saving wheel option). But with the ability to slide the back seat forward, the Austral can nearly match the Arkana’s cargo capacity at 400 dm3. Plus, with the Austral’s extra legroom, passengers can stretch out and relax, even on long road trips.

So, for those looking for a vehicle that offers both affordability and versatility, the Renault Austral might just be the perfect fit.

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As you grip the steering wheel of the Renault Arkana, you can feel the power of its engines ranging from 140 to 160 horsepower. However, the absence of a manual transmission limits your control. On the other hand, the Renault Austral may have fewer engine options, but its direct steering and smaller wheel diameter give you an edge in handling.

Of course, the Renault Austral is a bit of a splurge with its price tag of €1,800 for the 160 and 200-horsepower hybrids. But the multi-link rear axles give the vehicle a lower turning radius and exceptional agility on winding roads, making it worth every penny.

In terms of comfort, both SUVs handle major bumps with ease, but they struggle to smooth out the smaller imperfections. You may find yourself bouncing around at low speeds or on the road’s edges.

However, if you’re looking for entertainment, Renault Austral has you covered. The Megane E-Tech dashboard opens up a whole new world of information with the Google Cars system. So sit back, relax, and let the Renault Austral take you on a ride of a lifetime.

While the Renault Arkana still boasts a sleek dashboard with a modern 7 or 9.3-inch touchscreen, it’s no match for the superior on-board furniture and entertainment of its newer counterpart, the Renault Austral Megane E-Tech.

The Megane E-Tech’s dashboard is a digital wonderland, featuring not one, but two massive screens and a Google Automotive-powered touchscreen in stunning graphical format. With the ease and familiarity of a smartphone, controlling all your driving needs becomes a cinch with powerful voice commands that let you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

In comparison, Arkana’s system pales in comparison. While it may not be ancient or outdated, it simply can’t keep up with the innovative features of the Megane E-Tech. And for some drivers, this alone may be the deciding factor in choosing the Austral.

So, whether you prefer the tried and true or the latest and greatest, the choice is yours to make. Just don’t forget to factor in your budget, too!