Which Greek island do the Germans worship – Why is it a model for all of Europe?

Which Greek island do the Germans worship – Why is it a model for all of Europe?

The Port of Astypalaia has received the first electric car in Greece, the German giant emphasizes in its post announcing the project on the Greek island.

The VW ID.4 includes the first electric car of Coast Guard in Greece he shows in the post of social network The Volkswagen Group both ads their example of electricity together with the project which takes place on his island Astypalea.

Let us emphasize that Volkswagen Group he has found millions of followers worldwide and post about Greek island maybe it’s one of the better ads.


In Astypalea the Greek government cooperated with it Volkswagen for change the island and residents but also tourists gain experience smart sustainable mobility the future.

As part of this plan, the project aims to replacement of most of the island’s vehiclesboth public as well as of Private, and alternative sources of electricity and establishment of mobility services which contributes to reducing emissions and improving indoor air quality Astypalea, time will show the benefits and possibilities of electric transport.

THE Astypalea selected as offers the best situation for such a project. A small defined and closed area of ​​an island can be effectively replaced by mobility perspective. Moreover, the people of Astypalaia were very convinced of the idea from the beginning. And changes does not stop in port time police, of airport and administration of the island are also included in electrical movement!


It can inspire other communities to create a sustainable plan motility – which can be replicated not only in other Greek islands but also in different regions around the world.

That VW ID.4 has almost freedom 500 kilometers and instant performance of 204 horsepower and of 310 Nm of torque.

The driver will not even turn it on the best driver but also “B Mode” he can get more benefits from his procedure energy recovery every time he lifts his foot off the gas pedal.

For average energy consumption ranging across 16.5kWh/100km and by the power of electric mixers touching 77 kWhThe driver certainly won’t care about that freedom.

2022 results

Especially satisfying were the first results of the new transport services and the implementation of the “astyMOVE” environment of the pioneering program “Astypalaia – Smart and sustainable island”.


Especially electric utility vehicles “ASTYBUS”, the operational role that lies with the South Aegean Regional Development Agency “K2”, they used 138,900 kilometers inside 4 monthsto identify 21,798 ways the same time. Also, it is especially important that 22% of permanent residents his Astypalea they used it “ASTYBUS”, a fact that highlights the acceptance of the local community among the first 4 months of operation of the application.

At the same time, close 500 ways were done by “astyGO” service electric cars and users 1.2 his day for each car to “participate” with them, putting his example into action car sharing in Astypalea.

In general, users of the ecosystem “astyMOVE” they went through more than 150,000 kilometers with Volkswagen electric carsmovements that would be charged 18 tons of CO2 as long as it was done by cars with internal combustion engines (mo 120 g / km).

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