When will Honda’s new electric SUV arrive?

When will Honda’s new electric SUV arrive?

The Japanese company is also entering the electrification era strongly, following as usual its philosophy.

THE Honda was – and will probably remain for some time to come – a company that is more connected to the presence of an internal combustion engine.

For all time, the Japanese company, from the time of its founder until today with the amazing new model R, has put a lot of emphasis on the development of its engines, bringing to market some of the most important “diamonds” in history.

But it seems that he can not stay behind in development. And it seems that he will also be included in the electrocution case. Except as usual, so now, he will do it in his own unique way.

From official sources within the company it has been confirmed that it will be its first electric vehicle on a unique new platform it will be a medium to large SUV which will enter the market in 2025.

THE Honda it is also developing a new operating system for its electronics. We don’t know any specifics about it. But it has hired many new workers, twice as much as originally planned, for to continue software development within the company.

However, in 2024 Honda will bring the Prologue and Acura ZDX into production, but which will be products of cooperation with GM and will be based on the US Ultium platform. The two companies will continue their partnership beyond these vehicles, introducing new affordable models from 2027 onwards.

THE Honda also has electric vehicles on the pipeline which will target the Japanese market and others which it will be for the Chinese market only.

For the last day Honda has big plans, as it plans to introduce seven new types of electricity by 2027 as it aims to all its cars to China to be electric from 2025 onwards.

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