When the pilot makes the difference

When the pilot makes the difference

Good morning to the whole group. Today we have qualifying exams of GP of Monaco which we all know is the most important part of this fight. Passing through the greatness is impossible, so the level that each pilot achieves today will largely determine their race.

Yesterday two free trials were conducted. Inside of FP1 the speed of it all was Carlos Sainz with Ferrari, followed by Alonso – Hamilton. We also had two red flags which slowed the action somewhat. Inside of FP2 o Max Verstappen procedure restored for writing very fast time with 1.12.4. The two Ferrari drivers followed, with Leclerc ahead of Sainz. In fact, the Spaniard made contact with the barriers at the end of the session. Very close to the first three was Alonso and Aston Martin.

O weather today is expected to be good so everything will be decided by which pilot will risk the most and which team will get the best setup.

Standings in Friday’s two FMPs:

Sainz, Alonso, Hamilton, Perez, Leclerc, Verstappen, Norris, Ocon, Stroll, Albon, Bottas, Magnussen, Tsunoda, Gasly, Russell, De Vries, Piastri, Sargeant, Zhou, Hulkenberg.

Verstappen, Leclerc, Sainz, Alonso, Norris, Hamilton, Perez, Bottas, Gasly, Ocon, Stroll, Russell, Zhou, Magnussen, Hulkenberg, Tsunoda, De Vries, Piastri, Albon, Sargeant.





Our picks for qualifying at the Monaco circuit:

We start with Mclaren. THE Lando Norris he loves Monaco and he showed it already on Friday. He was ranked high in both FP (5th and 7th respectively) and as a good scoring position. Brit gets 101% from the car he has and he can make a surprise and come first six. It could certainly slow down a lazy Russell who has yet to find his rhythm with the upgraded W14. So inside H2H between Norris – Russell we will go with Lando.

We will deal with one more H2Hbetween its two pilots Haas. Nico Hulkenberg has not started the three days well, as he is behind in speed Magnussen. The Dane has a chance to beat him in qualifying and prove to his team that he can be that fast in one lap. We will support Magnussen in the battle between them.

The important battle however is up. Verstappen, despite being faster yesterday, knows and even says, that Ferrari has something more than them in the fastest lap. This of course does favorite always the best in his home game Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque loves Monaco and this year he has a car to claim again the pole and the desired victory. We believe that in the end he will win. On Sunday don’t ask us, it’s Ferrari and it can find a new way to lose victory on the narrow roads of greatness.

We will close with dthe difference between the winner and the runner-up in the playoffs. The speed of Leclerc and Ferrari leads us to believe that the choice is different from 0.1 to 0.25 seconds. If Verstappen or Sainz is second, somewhere around that we see the gap between the winner and the runner-up closing.

The qualifying exams will be broadcast live from ANT1+ and F1TV (paid) up 17:00 Greek time. Good luck in whatever you play. See you tomorrow with the racing series.

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