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At the age of 83, the former emperor Constantine passed away and many stories of his past life are coming to light! However, few people know the story that will be presented to you today Athensmagazine.gr.

Let’s go back to the period when the former King Konstantinos maintained a relationship with Aliki Vougiouklakis! It is known that the former was very much in love with the actress, although Frederikis’s mother was strongly against this relationship.

They met for the first time at Mussouri theater in late ’59, the prime time of that time Constantinealong with his sisters Sophia and Ireneattended the screening of the show “The place of youth” in which the star was Invite Vougiouklakis.

Konstantinos fell head over heels in love with the young woman Invite Vougiouklakis which he encountered almost every day. In fact, the rumors at that time about the romance between them gave the journalists “food” to fill their front pages with their joint photos, during the visit of the former Emperor Constantine to the theater, as he did not miss any of his performances. Alikis Vougiouklakis.

“They were friends with Konstantinos and apparently, he was very fond of him”, his brother said in an interview. Alikis Vougiouklakis, Anthony.

“He went almost every day outside Fino, to Chiou Street or wherever they were recording and put the tapes with his songs in the open car he had. It hurt him a lot. He kept surrounding him…”.

Almost half a year later, in July 1960, newspapers wrote that Invite Vougiouklakis he would go to Italy with a view to Olympic games which took place in Rome (after the fact, a report from the magazine “Oggi” emphasized that “Alice together with Constantine lived a passionate time in Italy”). Despite his mother’s opposition, Frederick, the former Emperor Constantine, met secretly with his beloved Invite Vougiouklakis.

As Yiannis Papamichael wrote in his book “I have a secret” after his medal Konstantinou for Olympic games of Invite Vougiouklakis sent him a congratulatory telegram.

A gift from the late King Konstantinou to a close friend of Aliki Vougiouklakis

THE The former emperor Constantine so he did everything to satisfy his wishes Alikis Vougiouklakis. The actress and the former King were often at the family mansion in his area Duchess Placentia. There, one day, they had the chance to meet a famous businessman and the king of the night life of Athens, Nikos Bambalis.

Alice had gotten into her expensive car Kingdominteresting (temporary) Buick skylark! Then the actor asked his good friend if he likes his car Kingdom and of course he answered yes and that he would like to have one like that in the future.

What happened to the very expensive Buick Skylark that the ex gave Nikos Babalis as a gift. It even had the serial number ‘15551’

Then Alice turned to the old King and said “why are you sitting, give a gift my friend…”. The former, being madly in love with her, did not spoil her kindness. THE Nikos Babalis for his part he asked him Kingdom how much will it cost him, with the latter explaining to him that he will only give him the standard rate so that the transfer can be done.

Nikos Babalis at that time

And so it was … Oh The former Vasilias Konstantinoswithout second thoughts, he did not destroy the grace of Alice his lover, with him Nico Babal to get his fancy new car…

How Nikos Babalis and Aliki Vougiouklakis met

THE Nikos Babalis it was one of the chapters that marked his life Alikis Vougiouklakis. After all, for the actor to take such a step and ask his ex … to give him his expensive car says it all!

But how did they meet? THE Nikos Babalis at that time he was walking with her Famous Nasos Botsipublisher of the newspaper “Apogeumatini” and arranged with Minoa Kyriakou and George Prevelakis beautiful, Star Hellas. In the visit of Nikos Babaliswith his friend, in the theater where Invite Vougiouklakis it was enough to bring them together.

That young man Nikos He made a very good impression on the actor who asked to meet him and since then Nico Babal and Invite Vougiouklakis they were united by a strong friendship.

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