When Koenigsegg Offered an F1 Engine to One of Its Models

When Koenigsegg Offered an F1 Engine to One of Its Models

JAKARTA – Car enthusiasts are certainly familiar with the Swedish supercar brand, Koenigsegg. Founded in 1994, Koenigsegg is renowned for creating high-performance automobile models.

Several models that have been manufactured by Koenigsegg include the Jesko, One:1, CCR, CCX, Agera, Regera, and the newest model, the Gemera. However, there is one Koenigsegg model unit that is interesting because it uses an engine from a ground plane, namely the F1 engine. This model was found in the “Egg Register” with chassis code #7XX1, and is a model version between the CCV8S or XP003.

Reporting from CarBuzz on Thursday, May 25, this model was introduced in 2000 with a 4.6-liter Ford V8 engine capable of producing 655 horsepower. Koenigsegg finally decided to use this machine in mass production.

However, three years before this car was introduced, this car was equipped with Subaru’s 3.8 liter 9,000 RPM Flat-12 engine. The Subaru Flat-12 engine, which was developed by Motori Moderni, was entered into F1 racing in the early 1990s by the Coloni team. Unfortunately, this engine did not make it past the qualifying sessions, and the project lasted only a short time before Coloni switched to Ford engines.

Although this engine was considered a “failure” due to its weight and not providing the expected performance, it is still a unique feature that has been used in Koenigsegg cars.

Christian von Koenigsegg himself was such a fan of the machine that he also bought the assets of Motori Moderni in 1999, including spare parts, technical plans and more. Despite many attempts, the Flat-12 engine project was never implemented.

It is known that Flat-12 is not strong enough. In fact, if it is turbocharged, it will only reach 750 hp. Koenigsegg also used Ford engines, from the beginning to the end of the CCR’s production period.

After using the Ford engine, Koenigsegg then developed its own engine in its next model, the CCX.

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