What would a Bugatti car look like to you?

What would a Bugatti car look like to you?

The designer shows us how the car could be if it was built by Bugatti or… cyberpunk!

Premium brand Bugatti we are used to spectacular hypercars high performance and very high quality. Examples like Chiron and Veyron have left their mark on the four-wheeled trademark W16 engine and extreme performance.

Have you ever wondered how things would have turned out if the French brand had decided to take a different route? That is, if Bugatti has expanded its range and he was building SUVs, trucks and the van? Of course, in its long history, Bugatti has dedicated itself to creating amazing cars in other categories, but it has never produced anything more than that luxury coupe high performance.

However, there are also those whose ideas go fast and dare to do things that even the Bugatti owners themselves have not thought of. designer flybyartist so he decided to show the world how it will be various models his Bugatti in different groups. With strict reference to later on and a combination of Mad Max and Cyberpunkthe artist posted on social networks a cartruck, car, military vehicle and a muscle carall with the same Bugatti badge.

Perhaps the most interesting of all is car which has mask reminiscent of Chiron, big wheels and also big side vents. The body is made of carbon fiber, while the engine is placed at the back, taking care of the important Bugatti elements. In real life none of these models will find their way into production, however remains interesting to see how things can develop in the future.

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