What will be the prices of SUVs up to R $ 120 thousand?

The Brazilian’s dream of owning an SUV may be closer than ever. With the announcement of reduce car tax which will cost up to R$ 120,000 issued by the Federal Government this Thursday (25), some sports utility vehicles will have an initial price of less than R$ 100 thousand, since tax reductions such as PIS/Cofins and IPI may vary and 1.5% to 10.96% in the final value of the car.

Thinking about this new situation – which will still go through all the government procedures until it is implemented (and changes may occur) -, WM1 estimated the new possible prices of SUVs which are within the price range specified by the government.

New SUV prices

Fiat Pulse Drive 1.3 flex manual

At the current price of R$ 100,990, the value of Fiat Pulse Drive 1.3 Flex with manual transmission can stay in between BRL 90,285.06 to BRL 99,475.15.

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Fiat Pulse Drive 1.3 flex automatic

Version no Pulse Drive CVT automatic transmissionwhich today starts at R$ 107,990, can have values ​​in between BRL 96,543.06 and BRL 106,370.15.

Citroën Cactus 1.6 directly Live

Another SUV from the Stellantis Group that could benefit from the new tax is Citroën Cactus 1.6 AT Live, which currently costs BRL 108,990. When the new law comes into effect, the model may cost more BRL 97,044.70 and BRL 107,355.15.

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Renault Duster Intense 1.6 manual

Import option Renault DusterThe Intense 1.6 with manual transmission, will go from the current R$112,990 to a price between BRL 100,606.30 and BRL 111,295.15.

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Nissan Kicks Active CVT

Who will have the same situation as Duster and Nissan Kicks Active CVT. Today with a starting price of R$ 112,990, the SUV of the Japanese brand will cost between R$. 100,606.30 and BRL 111,295.15.

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Peugeot 2008 Allure 1.6 automatic

Another car out Stellantis group which can be considered more is 2008. O Peugeot enter the configuration Allure 1.6 automaticwhich currently costs no less than BRL 117,290, may be priced between BRL 104,435.02 and BRL 115,539.65.

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Hyundai Creta Action 1.6 flex automatic

The previous generation of Hyundai Creta may also benefit. Sold in one version, the actionThe SUV made in Piracicaba (SP) currently costs R$ 117,490, but it could be worth it. BRL 104,613.10 and BRL 115,727.65.

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Fiat Pulse Audace Turbo 200 flex straight

To close the list we have one more Fiat Pulsenow in issue Audace with a turbo engine and automatic transmission. These arrangements are at the limit of the tax reduction announced by the Federal Government, starting from R$ 119,990. With discounts, the SUV can cost between R$ 106,839.10 and BRL 118,190.15.

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