What does Christian von Koenigsegg think of Elon Musk?  (+video)

What does Christian von Koenigsegg think of Elon Musk? (+video)

They are two of the most important people in the automotive industry worldwide and seem to share a passion for their work and innovation.

They both have behavior edge and with their willingness to innovate, they have given a lot to the automotive world.

They have a lot in common. They are both Managing Directors automakers and are considered “legends” among their car enthusiasts and non-customers alike. THE Christian von Koenigsegg and Elon Musk they got to this point because they also share a passion for mobility, even if it is expressed in a slightly different way.

Swede Koenigsegg He is known for his stubbornness in internal combustion engines and enthusiasm for their development. At the same time, Mr Musk has built a reputation for setting performance and technology to the next level as high priorities. Both approaches are very interesting and the results of their efforts are now being rewarded.

But it is rare to hear what one person thinks about another, and on that, his participation came. Christian von Koenigsegg inside of podcast to answer our -any- questions, clearly showing how much he admires his boss Tesla (and not only). It’s really interesting to see people at this level getting inspiration from each other and how it changes from what they do. said the Swedish businessmanthat’s exactly what happens.

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