What does Aston Martin want to hide from Alonso’s new car?: the photo that they asked the press to review

What does Aston Martin want to hide from Alonso’s new car?: the photo that they asked the press to review

The technological revolution has changed the panorama of the automotive world. Formula 1, especially in the last decade, is a race to be the most innovative and the best team in its car. Be better than your neighbor and you don’t know what. From that idea comes a modification to hide parts of his car. Let them ask at the box of Red Bull the pain they feel when something is revealed. “Obviously we don’t want those pictures to be made public“, said Helmut Marko, Austrian team consultant, when the underside of his car was revealed in Monaco.

Checo Pérez went against the protection and the only way to remove the car was to use a tow truck. A top view of the car, naked and showing the flat bottom, is spread across the pad like foam. However, at Red Bull there was great stability as it was difficult for their treasure to be copied. “The flat bottom is very important, but if you don’t have the other pieces, it’s not that easy. Mercedes was in the air for the longest time, but nobody was interested in their car as much as they were in our car. It’s just about the landit has to work together with the front and rear wing, it’s more complicated than it looks,” Helmut assured.

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This event serves as an explanation for the team to hide the designs of their cars. Aston Martin has gone through a similar period to that of Red Bull this pre-season. During the day of filming Last week, the team asked the media that was recording the departure of AMR24 from box what to the fog (table) no behind the car. The green team assures that the new car will be more efficient than the current one and that the main architecture and rear wings will be important. “We’re trying to build a car that can be driven on all circuits and change the rear wing or the front wing to be more powerful,” warns Tom McCullough.

Theories have been created and there are rumors with Aston Martin testing a new plate for its diffuser. One was already tested several times in the latter part of last season, but that did not take hold in a single-seater design. Or they also want to hide their suspension, which is completely new on this season’s car. The main function of the diffuser – an important aerodynamic piece in F1 – is obvious: to generate downforce. However, his operation goes further. In order for Formula 1 to go as fast as possible in corners, teams tend to work with the intention of getting the car as close to the track as possible, so creating a low pressure zone is important and that’s where the Formula 1 distributor comes into play.

This season, the Asturian has a challenge ahead of him to reach victory number 33, which despite coming close he did not succeed last year. And, moreover, he can write his name – even more – in the history books of Formula 1 if he reaches 400 races in the Grand Circus. No pilot has achieved that. Although in order to do that he will have to compete in almost all the major tournaments scheduled -24- for 2024, because he currently has 377 races. To give up after just two appointments would mean losing the possibility of achieving it.

It would be a wish of the past, because when Alonso matched Raikkonen as a driver with the biggest race of the race at Monza 2022, he ensured that he would reach 400 races. “I will stay for at least two or three more years, so I am sure I will reach 400.” “I know the number of big prizes I won because every weekend you remind me, but don’t look too much at the statistics. I’m happy to be in F1 for a few more years. But in any case, what these numbers show is my passion for the game, my discipline to play at the highest level. If you don’t, you won’t reach 400 runs“Certainly,” he said.