What do you get with a set of Bugatti Chiron tires?

What do you get with a set of Bugatti Chiron tires?

For those who have managed to find one of the 400 and something less Bugatti Chiron which have entered production, sometimes the question of changing the wheels also arises.

For the money you would buy a nice premium SUV, you can change the wheels and tires on one Bugatti.

On the one hand, tires must be changed every 4,000 km. This means that the very expensive special Michelins that are closed only for example they cost around 40 thousand euros per quarter.

If you also want to improve the appearance of the wheels there are many options. In fact, there are several companies that offer it special design rims different from “mother’s” and the corresponding effect on the image of the car.

A new proposal for his mouth Chiron appeared on Instagram from HRE company. He was presented in a white Bugatti and the black color of the rims and blue calipers create a high aesthetic feeling.

The scope called P103 is made in a special way, it can “wear” very expensive Michelin Pilot Sport 4 while it comes in sizes from 19 to 23 inches.

This edge comes in a variety of colors, from black to white, silver and blue and more. About its price it is around 2.5 thousand euros to each their own, without tires of course.

If we add these too we reach or exceed 50,000 euros for tire change Bugatti. Now of course, for someone who has spent 3-4 million to buy one Chiron these are probably crumbs.

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