“We’re doing well out there…” – Week 9 – Greek League of Legends

“We’re doing well out there…” – Week 9 – Greek League of Legends

New year, new season and the return of your favorite series. “We’re doing well away…” will follow the progress of the Greek players away and will inform you about their performance. The “curtain” has fallen on most of the EMEA Regional Leagues, so it’s a good time to see how many of the Greek outsiders finished the season.


Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos (KOI): KOI ended the first round with two defeats, which however managed to qualify as 7th.

Lampro “labrov” Papoutsakis (BDS Team): Another great week for BDS who after 3 out of 3 took first place of the Spring Season (with 7-2). Incredible Labrov who was 4th in the league in assists (11.44), while having 2nd place in Kill Participation (78.50%).

Mertai “Mersa” Sari (Team Heretics): Early disqualification for Team Heretics. The Mersa team lost the first game against the MAD Lions and took 9th place in the Spring Division.

LVP SL 2nd Division

Yiannis “Anon” Kounelis, Dimitris “IceBreaker” Hatchitsobanis & Vassilis “Tsiperakos” Lalas (Wizards): Three Greek Wizards will settle for 2nd place, as they could not “stop” the form CASE (3-0).

Apostolos “Reveal” Gourgiotis, Nikos “J0J0C” Terzoglou (ZETA): ZETA finished in 4th place by being beaten 3-0 by Ramboot in the match of the second round of the Playoffs.

Elite Series 2nd Division

Ignatios “Lotus” Pssarros (AOMA Esports): The Lotus team did not reach the final of the 2nd category of the Elite Series. After a surprising 5 results AOMA lost 3-2 to Reapers Gaming.

Leonidas “leao1” Marmaridis (Rift Sloths): They also lost in the second semi-final to Rift Sloths (3-1 from Reapers Gaming) who could not taste the joy of victory in bo5. RPS proved to be an insurmountable obstacle for the Lotus & leao1 teams.

NLC Division 2

Anastasios “Faded” Koutsouras (Lundqvist Lightside): In the NLC Division Two semi-finals, Faded LL advanced, defeating Invulnerables Esports 3-1. 6/4 is his next game.

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