WEC 2023: Mercy is abundant, but…

13 hypercars have entered the WEC for 2023. But are the hypercars good enough for the super championship?

Interesting is the participation list class of Hypercar inside WECThe 2023 World Endurance Championship, which has just announced FIA.

Specifically, in 7 matches 2023 WEC they will participate:

  • 1 Cadillac V-LMDH.
  • 1 Vanwall Vandervell 680.
  • 4 Porsche 963s, 2 from the factory team Penske Porsche and the other 2 from the private teams Hertz Team Jota and Proton Racing. The private teams have not yet received their cars and parts.
  • 2 Toyota GR 010.
  • 2 Ferrari 499 Ps.
  • 2 Peugeot 9X8s.
  • 1 Glickenhaus 007.

We recognize return to the principal Vanwall in racing, which was staged in Formula 1 in the years of Stirling Moss, but also the fact that of Porsche follows the same successful policy with the 963 followed by 956 and 962 in Group C 40 years ago, where he sold the car to private individuals.

From yesterday’s official Ferrari presentation, Antonio Giovinazzi

In this way, on the one hand it shares the development costs while on the other hand it ensures that even if the factory cars do not participate in the competition, the private participants are responsible for keeping their flag high.

Meanwhile, 11 entries were announced in the LMP2 category and 14 in the LMGTE AM category. That is, in WEC racing a total of 38 cars will participatea number that will increase with the 24 Hours of LeMans race.

But are all these great racing machines enough for one? major league;

As the history of motorsport has shown, they are needed 4 conditions to achieve a top championship: First, smart racing principles, second, good racing tools, third, proper racing and fourth and perhaps most importantly, great competitors.

The WEC certainly has unique racing rulescarved out of over a century of endurance racing.

We also have 13 great tools, the 13th Its hypercar WEC, along with 25 other great entries. In fact, count that from 2024 BMW and Lamborghini Hypercars will be added to these entries.

The 2023 calendar includes matches in story songssuch as LeMans, Monza, Spa, Fuji or Sebring and, although we miss Silverstone, we have the wonderful Portimao.

But still for competitors we are waiting for barking names. Yesterday at official announcement of his team Ferrari, the only one known to the public was Antonio Giovinazzi.

Of course there are great racing drivers in the WEC, but they are only known to the public is sought after by fans of motor sports.

To attract a new generation of fans, we think the WEC will need big names. Professional racing drivers are what the word says, professionals, meaning they race where there is a big payoff.

If the first WEC race under the new Hypercar regulations delivers a big spectacle, an increase in viewership will go along with it, attracting wealthy sponsors to put up big-name money.

It sounds cold, but that’s the truth, motorsport at such a high level is business first and everything else.

So we are eagerly waiting for them 1000 Miles of it Sebri on March 17which will give us a clear sample, if the WEC is reborn to recall the legendary days of Group C.

For now, we will get the first sample of Hypercar racing Daytona in late January, with Porsche vs. Cadillac vs. BMW vs. Acura (Honda), in the regular 24-hour race that kicks off the IMSA Championship.

Stay tuned, we’ll get you the link in time to watch the finalists in HD for free on Sunday 22nd January.