“We want to show what ‘Made in Germany’ means in F1”

“We want to show what ‘Made in Germany’ means in F1”

According to Audi Formula 1 boss Adam Baker, the German manufacturer wants to show what the slogan ‘Made in Germany’ means with its success in the series.

The existing V6 hybrid engines have been used since 2014, and since then, efforts have been made to increase performance or durability according to certain regulations.

The first major change in power unit rules will be made in 2026. During this period, F1 will rely on a 1.6-liter turbo V6 engine, but more emphasis will be placed on the electric component.

Moreover, the technological complex MGU-H will be abandoned.

Thanks to these changes to the engine regulations, new manufacturers will be on the grid in 2026. Currently, there are six different manufacturers that have already been announced to be involved in the sport; Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault/Alpine, Honda, Red Bull Ford and Audi.

Audi will enter the game with Sauber and preparations for the new division have already begun. As part of the preparations, the facilities in Neuberg an der Donau are being expanded and 240 people were employed in the process.

Although Audi is thought to have limited time to develop a competitive engine, project leader Adam Baker thinks they have plenty of time to succeed.

“Audi announced its involvement earlier than any other manufacturer,” the head of Audi’s F1 division told Sport Bild.

“We got here on time. But we know and respect the magnitude of the challenge.”

“But I have no doubt that we will do a good job for 2026.”

“We know that the new era is a big challenge for everyone, so it’s the same for everyone, not just us. But as a new manufacturer, it gives us a chance to be competitive quickly.”

“Furthermore, there is a budget limit for the chassis and power unit. So the financial plans are also dependable.”

“Without this border, it wouldn’t be very attractive to join here.” say.

When it comes to goals, Baker said, “The first season is about getting the best in terms of endurance.”

“Then we aim to improve. We want to be ahead in the third year and for that we need a better engine.”

“We want to show what Made in Germany means with an efficient and durable power unit.”

“We are proud that Formula 1 will finally have participation from a German factory.” say.