“We need more to remain a leader”

“We need more to remain a leader”

Max Verstappen is happy with the car after finishing in the lead on Friday, but he wants more.

The Dutch driver managed to set the fastest time and a good performance in the second session of practice on Friday, but it was also clear that he did not feel completely comfortable in the car.

Speaking after the session, Verstappen said: “The first session was very difficult. I was not very happy with the performance of the car on the sides and the bumps.”

“The second session was better, the car felt more competitive.”

“We still don’t have the overall handling of the car, the way it handles the bumps and the bumps, especially compared to the Ferrari.”

“This is something that we need to work on for tomorrow because you can see that they are very close, in qualifying we need a little more to get ahead of them.

Asked if there was much room for them to improve, Verstappen said: “I think we can do more by going in that direction.”

“We hope things will be better tomorrow, but we know that our car is drivable, which allows you to make a good lap, push a bit and approach the barriers here.”

“Overall it was a tough start but a good finish.” he gave an answer.

When asked about Aston Martin, Verstappen said: “They are close too, so we need to get a bit more if we want to be ahead of them tomorrow.” say.