“We need a ‘special lap’ to beat Red Bull in qualifying”

“We need a ‘special lap’ to beat Red Bull in qualifying”

Charles Leclerc said they needed to put together a “special round” to beat Red Bull in this weekend’s Monaco GP qualifying, but admitted they have not overlooked the other teams either.

Leclerc, who has had a disappointing race with his recent mistakes – he crashed twice in Miami – hopes to fight for victory in his home race this weekend.

Leclerc, who has climbed the pace in Monaco in previous years, wants to show the same performance this year.

Even on the streets of Monte Carlo, Leclerc said they needed to do well to beat Red Bull.

“Honestly, I think Red Bull will again be the team that needs to be closed. With a special circuit, maybe we can close them in qualifying,” said Leclerc. say.

Leclerc achieved this in two qualifying sessions at the Azerbaijan GP, ​​winning pole position twice. In contrast, Leclerc could not compete with the Red Bull drivers, both in the sprint and in the race.

Leclerc said: “In the race, they are very fast. But again, it is very difficult to pass on this type of track. And here, not only Red Bull will be fast, Aston Martin will be in the fight as well. Mercedes came with a car that looks very different. How did they do it? I wonder if it will show.”

“We need to see where we are and what is possible.” say.

For Leclerc, racing in the streets of Monte Carlo where he grew up is a special experience for others.

“Every time we come to this circuit, it’s important to go step by step and find the limit in qualifying. You do well in qualifying and it’s an amazing feeling,” said Leclerc.

“The excitement and adrenaline you feel on this circuit is incredible. It reminds me of some karting days when we didn’t think too much, because there are no corners here. We pass corner after corner.”

“It’s just fun and probably the best ratings of the year.” say.