We have selected well used family station wagons under 300,000

We have selected well used family station wagons under 300,000

For many families buying a new car does not make economic sense. Such families often look for a medium-sized car, but the price of a new car often exceeds a million crowns. Meanwhile, you can find used middle-class family station wagons for less than 300,000, which still have a lot to offer and will serve you well. It usually provides powerful engines, high-quality chassis and rich equipment. A large cargo area or the ability to tow a heavy trailer – for example a caravan on holiday – can also be an advantage. Now we will review the best family station wagon under 300,000.

Skoda Superb Combi

The second generation Superb is such a classic. Those who don’t like to fit in probably won’t reach for it, but for some, a used Superb has a few nice advantages. The technical relationship with the Passat is known to everyone, but not one hundred percent. The Superb has technical solutions (including electrical) that are simpler, and as time is proven, i more reliable and cheaper to service. And you know the rest – a pleasant interior with endless interior space, that is, at least in the longitudinal direction. so trunk volume 633 liters surely also known to everyone.

For the Škoda family station wagon, it is considered so it will have a diesel engine under the hood. The dominance of diesel engines is also winning in car sales. And their big attacks prove it globally, these are reliable engines. Petrol units do not have a very good reputation. An 18-liter or later two-liter runs very well, but can be a pain in service. A weak fourteener is the best. But the highlight of the offer was the six-cylinder 3.6 FSI. At high standards, the main engine is reliable as long as it works, but it is an expensive product to service. In addition, interesting pieces are difficult to find. The Superb, of course, was also available with a DSQ automatic transmission – first six-speed, then seven-speed – and all wheel drive.

Hyundai i40

Like new, the i40 was often high second in line behind the cream of the crop. But it makes sense as a used car, because it’s new and well-equipped for a reasonable price. In terms of equipment, the Hyundai has nothing to do with the competition and offers all the comfort equipment features we would expect from such a car. The advantage can also be a structure that is still after several years without being watched. There is plenty of space in the interior, although headroom in the rear seat area is not the best. This is due to the sloping roof, which then takes less action from the luggage compartment. At 554 litres, it doesn’t have the Superb, but it’s still good value.

In the case of motors, it is very simple. In the ads, you will find almost only the 1.7 CRDi engine. It is also a good choice, but focus on cars 2015 and newer. In them, this engine is improved – it meets the Euro 6 standard and gives a maximum output of 104 kW. It is not a miracle, and it does not compete with more powerful units, but it will still please the calm driver. Yes economical and very reliable. The same can be said about direct transmission, which is one of the most reliable ever.

Peugeot 508 SW

A family station wagon from Peugeot is another an invisible representative of the middle class. There aren’t many of them on the market, but those who are looking for them will find them and they certainly won’t be disappointed with their money. We would look at the version after the facelift from 2015, which slightly revived the appearance and made the 508 a more modern car. Interior width is average for the class. The maximum trunk volume of 550 liters will not surprise anyone either. Peugeot 508 but it succeeds in long-distance migrationwhere his comfortable nature emerges.

Under the hood definitely opt for the 2.0 HDi diesel engine. Powerful, economical and very reliable – just a great engine. Then to the behavior of the car automatic transmission fits well, which has also been tried and tested over the years. A more powerful 2.2 HDi diesel engine was also available. However, its parameters stand only for high loads. There are so few gasoline power units on offer (and for good reason) that it’s not even worth looking for.

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Source of information: Škoda, Hyundai, Peugeot.