“We are not far from Ferrari and Mercedes”

“We are not far from Ferrari and Mercedes”

Alpine driver Pierre Gasly thinks Ferrari and Mercedes are not far behind at the moment.

The season did not start well for Alpine. With 5 weeks of racing remaining, they take the championship in sixth place with only 14 points.

In addition to being strong from last year, Alpine has often been seen close to the front four teams, but they still seem unable to compete with them.

Pierre Gasly, who joined the team this year, said he was sorry they started the season like this, but they had nothing to do but focus on their work.

“We started slower than we would have liked. At the beginning of the season we expected to be better,” Gasly said.

“But now all we have to do is keep our heads down and make progress every weekend.”

“We need to keep moving forward and do more in the coming weeks.”

“I don’t believe we are too far from Ferrari and Mercedes. We have potential but we need to get more from our package.”

“We are also working on minor updates and hopefully these will keep us updated.”

“Everyone in the team has the same fighting spirit, everyone wants Alpine to be in the front group. Everyone is trying to make sure the team does well as it has made great progress in the last few years.”

“We didn’t start the season very well this year, but everyone is determined to work hard to go further and improve step by step in every race of the season.” say.