We are driving the first electric Abarth 500e in Italy

We are driving the first electric Abarth 500e in Italy

Electric Abarth 500e? Yes, it is now electric and we traveled to the Balocco circuit to drive it. But let’s start from the beginning. It is a fact that micromobility in modern cities is used by all types of electric vehicles. Procedures are also recorded withdrawal of manufacturers from the category of small city cars with conventional engines.

These comments are unrelated. Basically, the second is the result of the first. In an environment where cars are moving towards electrification, a small company like Abarth could not be left out. Fiat was first, followed by Abarth. After all, the variety of models of the two companies is the basis of the 500 series and it distinguishes itself from the Abarth with spoilers, wings, diffusers, tweaked suspension and added – in terms of performance – engine.. Fiat released the electric 500, followed closely by the Abarth.

Today we are on the Balocco circuit test scorpion with electric shock.

Electricity 500e it took some time from the Abarth version. It’s been almost three years since Fiat’s presentation of the sister model Abarth 500e finally came to offer a new direction in electric performance. The electric Abarth is the fastest and funnest subcompact out there.

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It still proves faster than the Abarth 695 too and a 180 hp gasoline engine. Especially on revs and throttle response up to 130 km / h since at high speed “normal” 695 “fills” better to the red zone of the tachometer. a unique compromise in the electric Abarth 500e: The fact that it has speed limit – at 155 km / h – so that the battery does not suddenly disappear. Because in other areas it does not envy the standard Abarth. On the contrary, it also has evidence of transcendence as we will analyze below.

Gaetano Thorel Head of Abarth Europe

Gaetano Thorel is from 2021 the new director of the Abarth and Fiat brands in the integrated Stellantis group.

Before getting into the technical and functional aspects, it is worth explaining a few things from the marketing side.

When is it coming, how much will it cost?

The Abarth 500e series will be available for orders in the local market since the beginning of summer while prices are still under negotiation. However in some European domestic markets is already available and the price difference from the electric version of the Fiat 500 with 118 hp is around 4,000 euros. In terms of the electric Abarth we have 155 hp and all the features that change the simple Fiat … in the Abarth.

Abarth 500e

In addition to the classic model, there will also be an open (cabrio). Both will be provided locally two versions of the equipment (basic and Turismo). Along with other things the top Turismo equipment package gives Alcantara upholstery. With the best JBL sound system hand and amplifier 320 Watt power eight channels and seven high-performance speakers including two tweeters, two midwoofers, two full speakers in the rear doors and a subwoofer in the trunk. On the other hand, there are five colors among them are the new Acid Green and Sumu Blue.

There will also be one available a limited edition special edition called the Abarth 500e Scorpionissima. It will carry special equipment and will be produced in 1949 copies, a number that refers to the company’s founding date in Bologna, Italy.

Abarth 500e

Timbre Antisocial

If you recognize something from the first moment in the Abarth models, it is their characteristic driving sound. Basically, the sound of the exhaust. Bass with enough decibels and a low rumble that you think is coming from an 8-cylinder muscle car from America. This anti-social timbre is one of the main reasons for choosing an Abarth model or previously converting Fiat to Abarth. So what about an electric Abarth?

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Scorpion in electric shock: we drive the first electric car Abarth 500e in Italy - 6 photos

The company’s technicians put on headphones and entered the recording studio. They found the right one Tons of Abarths they added to the 500e’s operating system and the sound now comes out artificially through an external woofer in the back of the car. If you hack the system maybe Bocelli will play too, who knows.

Abarth 500e

In each case the artificial sound of the 500e’s Abarth exhaust doesn’t sound fake but to activate it, you have to enter the menu of the infotainment system and perform three or four actions. A simple physical button or switch would do the trick.

A different song

The electric Abarth has slightly longer wheel and wider tracks relative to the standard Abarth 595/695. It has posts specially curated by differential weight distribution. All this gives it a better score on the road which translates into better handling characteristics.

Abarth 500e

And if the usual Abarths were karts on the road and the cab from the Fiat 500 where you can see an electric one. In fact, the overall image remains closely related to the Fiat 500e with minor differences, but on the road I would argue that. it is the most refined Abarth and also the best sub-model ever delivered in terms of handling characteristics. We’ve said many times that high-performance MINIs are also decent little cars but they have bigger specs and dimensions than Abarths so the comparison isn’t fair.

High character

The scope of the model is clearly urban and peri-urban roads. It reveals its true character on narrow country roads and mountain roads. It turns with very good side grip and excellent direction. But the peak of his placement, it appears in the song.

At Balocco, several direction change pins were installed that showed the quality of the electric Abarth. It’s not just about keeping time it was second fastest than the regular Abarth 500, but also in the violent state of change that caused the pleasure. If you overturn it and go into a sharp turn it will quickly back off but it will recover easily with the power off. Because in these conditions we took it to Balocco and in heavy rain.

Abarth 500e

In general, the electric Abarth helps you take risks, yes razor blade response and though it is composed of song, It’s surprisingly good for everyday use too. It has “brakes” and steering and enough support so that you don’t lose the feeling. A suitable operating program for the track “Song of the Scorpion”. For any other use, just select the path “Turismo” and “Scorpion Street” which are also supported by “one pedal” energy recovery function. Helping in the field of traction with 18-inch wheels and 205/40 tires of the Turismo version, which is not far from the body houses, thus creating a more visual collection.

Electric shock

What makes the electric Abarth 500 different from the electric Fiat 500 too? The performance of the electric motor is the answer, as 42 kWh battery but also internal charger that supports fast charging up to 85 kW, are common features for both models. Hence the electric motor it produces 155 hp and 235 Nm of torque while showing himself average consumption 18.1 kWh/100 km.

Abarth 500e

Weight of 1,350 kg – refers to a conventional car rather than an electric one – and is a positive development for a model that ensures 0-100 acceleration in 7 seconds. Exactly on the repris to 100 km it is 1.5 seconds faster than the standard Abarth. The range is over 200 km per charge with the company citing a range measurement of 265 km per charge in the NEDC test cycle.

Finally, the issue of charging, from a household outlet requires a time of 15 hours. From a station of 11 kW, the charging time is 4 hours and from a fast charger for 0-80% filling takes 35 minutes.

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