Wants to convince owners to ditch ‘Unlimited free billing for life’

Wants to convince owners to ditch ‘Unlimited free billing for life’

Tesla is once again trying to entice older Model S and Model X owners with “Unlimited Lifetime Charging” to give up the benefits for a new offer.

We remind you that in the first years of sales of Model S and Model X, Tesla offered Supercharging for free throughout the life of the car.

It was a very attractive offer as every owner could not afford to charge his car. This of course applies to those using the Supercharger network and not home charging.

In 2018, Tesla ended the perks after claiming they weren’t worth it, although, as a sales incentive, it has brought them back on occasion.

There are currently a few hundred thousand Tesla vehicles with unlimited free charging worldwide.

That’s why earlier this year, Tesla made the first attempt to get rid of those cars by offering owners an extra $5,000 off if they trade in Model S and Model X with unlimited supercharging.

Now Tesla is making another attempt by launching what it calls a new “Ownership Loyalty Offer.” More specifically, it’s giving those owners six years of unlimited charging when they buy a new Model S or Model X through the end of the quarter.

The offer makes it clear that the aim is to eliminate unlimited overcharging:

Current owners of a Tesla S or Model X with unlimited top-up are entitled to 6 years of unlimited top-up. To qualify, owners must trade in or remove Unlimited Premium from their vehicle and take delivery of a new Model S or Model X by June 30, 2023.

It looks like you don’t have to trade in your old Model S or Model X when you get this offer, but if you decide not to return it to Tesla, you’ll have to sign that you’re giving up your unlimited top-up right to get six years of free top-up on the Model S or your new Model X.