VW T-Cross beats Creta and leads among SUVs in the first half of May

Fiat Strada continues in 1st place overall, while Chevrolet Onix and VW Polo fight for 2nd place.

The official registration numbers released by Fenabrave until yesterday (05/15) show the Fiat Strada opening up an advantage in the lead-up dispute in May. The battle for 2nd place, however, is fierce, with about 300 units separating the Chevrolet Onix (3,868) and the Volkswagen Polo (3,562).

Recommended among sedans, Chevrolet Onix Plus (3,219) is in fourth place. In the internal Fiat battle for 5th place, the Argo beats the Mobi by just 70 units (2,875 x 2,805). Best sold in the first half of April, Hyundai HB20 (2,561) has the most reasonable start of the month and only appears in 7. From the 8th to the 13th place we have only SUVs and crossovers in a fierce leadership dispute.

Currently, the advantage is the Volkswagen T-Cross, only 4 units ahead of the Hyundai Creta (2,322 x 2,318) and about 100 units more than the Chevrolet Tracker (2,212). Jeep Compass (2,160), Volkswagen Nivus (2,039) and Honda HR-V (2,034) follow. In the fight between the middle photos, the advantage of the Fiat Toro against the Chevrolet Montana is less than 300 units (2,004 x 1,717).

Corolla (1,858), Hilux (1,849) and Corolla Cross (1,684) guarantee three Toyota representatives in the top 20. With 1,271 units, the Volkswagen Virtus is likely to have its best monthly performance in a good period. Important negatives for the Renault Kwid (1,128) only in 25th place and for the absence of the Fiat Fastback in the list of best sellers.

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