VW is moving forward!  What the company puts in its cars is controversial

VW is moving forward! What the company puts in its cars is controversial

VW is improving its designs – but it’s doubtful whether everyone will like them.

In the future, all new models of the ID, Golf, Tiguan and Passat will come off the assembly line with this feature. According to VW, this would like to emphasize the “innovative power” of its products. You can read what’s behind it here.

VW models with new features

One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow: ChatGPT. An AI-based research tool has already found its way into many people’s daily work and school life. Now VW is also following suit and integrating artificial intelligence into new models. Volkswagen wants to use this to enhance its online voice assistant IDA in the future.

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And what can the new AI in VW cars do? For example, he can read you researched content. He can tell you about sights, tell you about old football matches or even help you solve math problems. “Everything works easily and in a natural language without losing sight of the traffic,” emphasizes Volkswagen.

What about data protection?

However, ChatGPT is in no way intended to replace Volkswagen’s own voice assistant. Instead, an AI-based research tool should be used if the question cannot be answered by the Volkswagen system. It is important for VW to stress that ChatGPT “does not have any access to vehicle data”. “Questions and answers will be deleted immediately to ensure the best possible data protection,” it continues.

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Do you need all these features while driving? Of course, each driver has to decide for himself. For anyone who doesn’t feel that way, VW offers the option to change the Volkswagen software settings or privacy settings to turn off the online voice assistant.