VW ID. BUZZ LWB 2024 Unveiled

VW ID. BUZZ LWB 2024 Unveiled

The development of the Volkswagen ID. BUZZ Largo has reached its culmination with the recent winter tests. During these tests on snowy Swedish roads, prototypes of this fully exposed electric minivan were observed. This model represents a modification of the contemporary electric minibus and is scheduled to be available for purchase in the United States in 2024.

While the VW ID. BUZZ is prepared for its launch in the United States, it should be noted that the variant being sold in Europe differs from the one intended for the American market. Customers in the United States will receive a larger electric minivan capable of accommodating up to seven passengers. This updated version of the classic Bulli model expands its range to cater to the unique requirements of each market. The main reason behind the exclusive availability of the ID. BUZZ Largo in the United States is linked to its future role as an autonomous shuttle-type vehicle, designed for shared mobility in specific markets where such vehicles are permitted.

Referred to as the ID BUZZ LWB (Long Wheelbase) due to its increased length and wheelbase, this variant will be officially unveiled on June 2, coinciding with the “International Volkswagen Bus Day.” This day holds special significance in the calendar of the German brand and will be celebrated in California, a region where autonomous driving technology is highly prevalent in the new generation of electric vehicles.

Spy photo Volkswagen ID.  BUZZ LWB 2024

The VW ID. BUZZ Largo is poised to make its debut, showcasing a design that remains consistent with the European model in terms of aesthetics. Both the front and rear of the vehicle will not exhibit any notable differences. The only distinguishing feature will be the larger sliding rear door. Additionally, the interior of the vehicle will accommodate three rows of seats, allowing for a total of seven seats, as opposed to the European model, which has two rows and five seats.

The interior design will remain unchanged, featuring the minimalist dashboard with its two screens and expansive windshield. Volkswagen’s US division will also offer the same exterior customization options, allowing customers to choose between one- and two-color schemes. These options pay homage to the iconic T2, which is affectionately known as the Bus, Bulli, or Kombi. Considering this, “Kombi” could potentially serve as the perfect surname to differentiate the two models.

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz, an electric vehicle, is set to be available for purchase in the United States in 2024. While Volkswagen has not provided specific information regarding the vehicle’s mechanical specifications for the US market, in Europe it is currently sold with a 150 kW electric motor, which is equivalent to approximately 204 horsepower. It is also equipped with a lithium-ion battery positioned between the axles, with a net capacity of 77 kWh (usable capacity). This configuration offers a maximum range of 420 kilometers.

For the US market, Volkswagen is planning to introduce a second option for the ID. Buzz, which will feature two electric motors and 4MOTION all-wheel drive. This variant will also be equipped with the same battery as the European version, although the expected range will likely be reduced due to the additional power requirements of the all-wheel drive system.

Further detailed information about the ID. Buzz’s specifications and features for the US market is expected to be revealed in the coming days, and we will provide you with updates as soon as they become available.