Volvo’s Polestar electric motorcycle is the new economy in the category

Volvo’s Polestar electric motorcycle is the new economy in the category

Volvo’s electric car brand, Polestar, has launched its new electric motorcycle model. KEKI Makka enters the market for electric vehicles with low capacity and low consumption, ideal for urban transport and practicality.

The Polestar electric motorcycle is the second produced by the partnership between Polestar and Keki.


KEKI Makka has an electric motor powered by a battery with a capacity of up to 31 Ah and 1.5 kWh. This composition allows the car to have a torque of 3.6 kW and a torque of 6.1 kgfm, so it can reach 45 km / h and a maximum of up to 55 km.

Aesthetically, the Polestar electric motorcycle has a very simple body. It has revealed features, which enables visualization of objects and possible maintenance.

Mecca shock absorber cake (Photo: Polestar | Disclosure)

The rear shock absorber is well placed under the seat and the front shock absorbers are also present in the model, as well as large motorcycle models.

The indicator lights are LED and the footwells are wide and seem to carry them very easily. They are on the side of the motorcycle body, as the battery is in the middle.

Another important detail is the regeneration system integrated into the brake systems. When they are stimulated, the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy which feeds the battery again.

Other products on the market

Power transmission is taking the market by storm and other brands are also joining the fray. In addition to the Polestar electric motorcycle, Honda announced in September an increase in the production of electric motorcycles. It will launch 10 models by 2025 with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

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