Volvo’s first SUV is on sale with a discount of more than 12,000 euros, hybrid and Label…

Volvo’s first SUV is on sale with a discount of more than 12,000 euros, hybrid and Label…

It was many years ago when, following in the wake of other premium products such as Mercedes, BMW y Audiin Volvo They decided to go do some kind of physical exercise that was starting to make a lot of noise Europe and that, for a long time, it would be a true reference for many on the roads of the old continent: SUV.

As other premium brands have done, in Volvo In 2001 they first chose a large SUV, in their case I have called them XC90. Seeing the success of this model, over the years the Swedish brand gradually expanded the list of this type of bodywork with increasingly complex models, and XC60 was launched internally 2008 and XC40 in 2017.

As it could not be otherwise considering that it is an SUV with the best equipment in every sense, the XC90 Yes, it is a model with which the Swedish brand can compete head-to-head without any problem against its rivals in the best German brands, among other things because this model has a wide technical offer.

The Volvo XC90 is a very high-end SUV

Within this series of machines, the most recommended and most attractive version for those who, yes, do not have a very tight budget, is the one that comes with plug-in hybrid engine.

And, thanks to having this technician, this one Volvo you can cycle in 100 × 100 electric mode for more than 80 km and, at the same time, once the battery runs out, it does not have any kind of problem in terms of autonomy given that the combustion engine comes into play, making it the ideal model for day-to-day use. city ​​trips as well as for long highway and freeway trips.

The combined power of the two engines in this version is 455 a horseThe most powerful of which, with automatic transmission and four-wheel drivedo this Volvo Also a very attractive option for those looking for a capable model off the pavement.

The best thing in this case is that, considering the different product promotions and discounts, the starting price of this model ends up being close. 75.000 € thanks to the discount of almost €12,000 that it has now, a price that is not the lowest but that, considering its characteristics, makes it one of the best options in its segment.