Volvo XC40 T2 – More than the “basic” version.

Volvo XC40 T2 – More than the “basic” version.

Having driven almost all versions of the XC40, we were curious to see if Volvo engineers were able to produce a small miracle in the case of the T2, or if the Swedes just wanted to create a basic version. Because our questions are obvious and completely justified after hearing that there is now a version with the familiar 1.5-liter gasoline cylinder engine with 129 hp. And of course, given that Volvo is moving so fast on the electric path, we wanted to know if the versions with petrol engines have been left behind in terms of development.

In order to reach the safest possible conclusion, we drove about two thousand kilometers with the Volvo XC40 T2, on all kinds of roads, and we managed to create a complete picture, which we will present to you immediately. And of course, apart from the issue of the engine and the behavior of the car on the road, we will also refer to the aesthetic renewal received by the Swedish SUV.

With small but real changes, especially in the interior

First of all, we should remember that the XC40 won the European Car of the Year award in 2018. The Swedish SUV is built on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), an advanced platform, ready for the electric future, which is already on sale. , including the XC40 as well as the C40 Recharge. Starting with its exterior image, the main update concerns the front, with new bumpers, light bodies that change shape and content with LED pixel improvements, as well as new aerodynamic rims. Of course, the lights with the characteristic design of Thor’s hammer remain in place.

Inside the XC40 and in terms of appearance, the minimal approach that we are used to Volvo models is maintained, with few physical switches and the quality of materials remains at a very high level. The main changes concern infotainment and improved features, in collaboration with Google. In practice, this means an interface to continue with the usual digital environment of information and services, but also the possibility of voice commands with which the driver can adjust a number of functions of the car.

The air conditioner has also been improved and now has a real-time air quality control and cleaning system. In fact, there are things that emphasize its first character, such as a large sunroof and an excellent sound system by Harman Kardon.. In terms of space, there are many rooms and four adults will fit easily and without affecting their luggage, which will be placed in 452 liters of luggage space.

The essence of the issue

The reason for the well-known three-cylinder petrol engine of 1.5 liters which in this version produces 129 hp and 245 Nm of torque and which is combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission. What is surprising is the fact that it does not have any kind of electrical assistance and what is even more surprising is that, as you will read below, we never ran out of anything. Drive is transferred to the front wheels only, and engine and gearbox operation is exemplary, as is their partnership.

In practice this means that power is available everywhere and engine revs rise evenly and linearly, without bursts or jerks. The 10.9” required for 0-100 km/h is a very real number, while top speed, as is now the case for all Volvo models, is 180 km/h. However, the most important of all the above is that during the test of 2000 km, the average consumption did not exceed eight liters per 100 km, with fast driving rates almost always.

Premium and on the road

The biggest and most pleasant surprise of the XC40 T2 is its handling on the road. Because obviously we were aware of the very high quality of the ride as well as the careful sound insulation, which together create excellent traveling conditions. What we didn’t know and didn’t even expect, is the performance and about the engine’s operating conditions. There was no place where we lacked energy, when we made the trip Athens – Thessaloniki, and when we moved to the mountain part of Halkidiki. Power everywhere, and the gearbox chooses the right gear in every situation and in a very direct way. You choose the driving profile you want based on your driving needs and feelings, and the car follows, without hesitation.

Suspension with MacPherson struts at the front and multi-link at the rear strikes the perfect balance between comfort and dynamic handling. As tough as it is supposed to be, it filters out the harshness of Greece’s roads without grumbling. It is clear that the XC40 T2 is not a car for off-road adventure, being two-wheel drive and with asphalt tires. However, the 20.5cm of ground clearance, along with the off-road driving profile, will work well in all suitable off-road activities.

In conclusion, we would say that the Volvo people made sure that the T2 version of the XC 40 was only “basic” in terms of its price and despite the fact that the company’s direction is towards full electric, they showed their possibilities. have heat engines. This is because the premium feeling of the Swedish company is very much in the materials, quality and construction method, and especially in the feeling it leaves with its behavior on the road. Finally, the 40,563 Euros that this edition starts with, is a reasonable number, in the new car environment with increased prices especially for all models, of all companies.