Volvo trucks receive more safety systems

Volvo trucks receive more safety systems

Volvo trucks are receiving significant updates in safety systems, reducing the risk to pedestrians and cyclists and making the driver’s job easier.

Among the features designed to enhance safety is the new Forward Short Range Assist. The system detects if there are cyclists or pedestrians in the danger zone in front of the truck, using the radar and front camera, and warns the driver if there is a risk of collision.

Another feature is a new door open warning system. This system was designed to warn if a pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle is approaching the truck from behind, on the same side of the truck where the door will open.

“We are developing and introducing additional safety systems that can increase the capabilities of drivers, helping to protect them and the people they share the road with. At Volvo Trucks, our long-term vision is zero accidents, and safety is at the heart of everything we do. With these new developments, we are taking important steps to achieve these goals,” said Anna Wrige Berling, Director of Traffic and Product Safety at Volvo Trucks.

Some of the new features have been designed to meet the new updated EU safety legislation, which will come into force in July 2024.

The new regulation mandates a number of advanced driver assistance systems to increase road safety and better protect drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. By introducing a new set of rules, the EU hopes to save more than 25,000 lives and prevent 140,000 road traffic injuries by 2038.

“We are optimistic about stricter regulations when it comes to safety, and Volvo Trucks is already offering other systems that will be mandatory in 2024,” added Anna Wrige Berling.

The new safety features of Volvo Trucks are:

The front radar and camera are used to detect if there is someone in front of the truck. Through a visual and audible signal, the system warns the driver if there is a risk of a collision.

  • Mental Speed ​​Help

This feature informs the driver about speed limits by recognizing speed signs on the road and displaying the limit on the instrument cluster. The system displays the speed limit of the actual vehicle combination and also warns with visual and audible alerts if the speed limit is exceeded.

  • Tire pressure monitoring system

This system monitors truck and trailer pressure. The new EU regulation states that if the pressure drops by 20% below the reference pressure, the driver must be notified via the dashboard display. Volvo’s system goes beyond legal requirements by allowing the driver to choose to be warned even before the pressure drops by 20%. The system is capable of monitoring a range of low and high pressure readings. In addition, better energy efficiency is achieved by always maintaining optimal tire pressure.

  • Notice of Door Opening

This system, located on both sides of the truck, will warn if a moving object, such as a pedestrian, cyclist or car, is approaching from behind in the monitored area, on the same side of the truck where the door opens. The system operates when the truck is stopped and for two minutes after the engine or engine is turned off.

The Auto Hold feature helps keep the truck stationary until the accelerator is activated, calming and assisting the driver on slopes and climbs.


Intelligent Speed ​​​​Assist will be available in most markets where Volvo operates, while other systems will be available worldwide on Volvo FH, FM and FMX with diesel, gas and electric engines from September this year.

The Volvo FL and FE models will receive safety systems as part of safety enhancements before the end of 2023.