Volvo Trucks and Buses Chile open a call for women to become professional drivers in the RED system

Volvo Trucks and Buses Chile open a call for women to become professional drivers in the RED system

Marking a new step in terms of inclusion and equality in the transport sector, Volvo Camiones y Buses Chile launched a new call for its Iron Women – More Drivers program but this time it opens the doors for women to get driver training and join the system’s MOBILITY NETWORK .

Together with RBU Santiago (UBI) and Metropolitan Public Transportation Directory (DTPM) seeks to generate new jobs for women, integrating them into the public transport labor market through this program which, for the first time, will provide training in the bus section.

In the last 2 years, Santiago has experienced a rapid increase in the number of women driving RED Movilidad buses and today there are 1,526 working as drivers, an increase of 62% compared to those present in 2021 (943 until December of that year) and a growth of 50% compared to last year’s figure.

Currently, at RBU 12% of employed women are professional drivers and during 2023 the company held, in collaboration with DTPM and 2 municipalities, unique courses to train professional women drivers, based on its desire to strengthen its presence in the field and promote compliance. with Standard 3262 on Gender Equality, which the RBU has approved.

The initiative, led by Volvo Trucks and Buses, adds key strategic partners that will be critical to the implementation of the initiative. Therefore, RBU will be a bus operator that will directly employ all those women who pass the training and obtain their licenses; while the DTPM will be responsible for explaining the various parties involved for the correct operation of the program and monitoring the participation of the participants’ work.

Paola Tapia Salas, director of Metropolitan Public Transportation (DTPM) indicated that “the growth of women drivers is positive not only for them, but for the entire system. The presence of women creates a better work environment, a greater sense of security and has also reduced accident rates on the road, according to a study by the Development Bank of Latin America. That is why we believe that the gender perspective, the image of a woman, must remain present in the operation and infrastructure of the public transport system.

Carolina Paredes, at RBU Santiago, emphasizes that “today we are driven by diversity and inclusion, hence our desire to be part of these training programs for women who want to join the world of public transport. That is why we make our company available, so that they, in their role, are empowered and take new opportunities that contribute to their personal and family life. We invite all women to be part of this challenge which together with Volvo and DTPM we are promoting.

For Marihen Palma, Deputy Manager of Marketing and Communications at Volvo Trucks and Buses Chile, “this type of event becomes a solid contribution to providing greater opportunities to include women in the labor market. Through programs such as Iron Women – Más Conductoras, which today it expands to urban buses, we continue to contribute from our way to more equality and gender opportunities, becoming another example that contributes to the professional development of women in our country.

The call will start this February 15 promoted by Volvo Trucks and Buses, which will end on March 1, and then continue with the recruitment and selection process that will have the payment of the RBU operator. Subsequently, those selected will be presented in the month of March and will be able to start the course in an institution authorized to issue an A3 license.

To continue the training process, the “Knowledge of the Car” and “Effective and Safe Driving” courses will be held at the Volvo Academy with the brand’s driving instructors.

Once this process is completed, the 17 selected will get their contract with the RBU company so that they can start entering as drivers in the city bus market.

Let’s remember that this is the fourth edition of the Iron Women-More Drivers program, which has already trained more than 30 women to enter the large transport market in the country, all of whom have joined various companies in the sector.

This in a situation where the vision and mission of Volvo Trucks and Buses is to promote sustainability for the environment and all people, and that is why it has developed and implemented various programs that increase Iron Women – More Drivers in terms of inclusion and equality. . Therefore, today the brand has the program Iron Women – More Techniques, which seeks to train young people in technical professions, and Irom Women – More Leaders, where internal initiatives are developed to focus on gender equality in its key employees.

However, the brand continues to develop strategic partnerships and implement initiatives that allow it to offer new opportunities and opportunities for development to women in Chile.

The call will open on February 15 through the website, the space where the parties can see the grounds for applying. This period will end on March 1.