Volvo rebrands its electric cars, EX40 and EC40, and launches a more powerful version with up to 435 HP.

Volvo rebrands its electric cars, EX40 and EC40, and launches a more powerful version with up to 435 HP.

And a Swedish manufacturer Volvo has changed the names of its two electric vehicles, the XC40 Recharge and the C-40 Recharge, which will be renamed. EX40 and EC40 respectively. In this way they are compatible with other electronic proposals, such as EX90 and EM90.

For now, the hybrid version of the plugin will remain, which will retain the name of XC40which should facilitate the task of distinguishing propulsion systems for customers in a simple way, thus eliminating the name “Recharge.”

This is a move that marks a major shift in Volvo’s electric car sales, which last year represented 16% of its registrations worldwide, increasing its registrations by 70% compared to the previous year.

New versions of the EX40 and EC40 sports

Volvo EC40 and Volvo EX40

To celebrate this milestone, Volvo will launch a sporter version for the two engine variants.

A software update that increases power by 25 kW, which will mean reaching no less than 325 kW (435 CV). The upgrade is available to new customers, but also to existing customers who can purchase it from the app on their mobile phones.

Thanks to this, acceleration will be improved, both due to greater power and the introduction of a new map of the catalyst, which will allow you to get more from the propulsion system.

As for freedom, these are in 583 km under the WLTP cycle for the EC40, and 576 km WLTP for the EX40.

Some proposals that in Spain start with EX40 prices from 48,275 euros for the version with a 66 kWh motor and battery (472 km WLTP) and 50,475 euros for the variant with a 79 kWh battery (572 km WLTP). In turn, the two-motor version starts at 56,466 euros, always associated with a large capacity battery, which gives 536 km WLTP of autonomy.

As for the EC40, which is the sportier and more aggressive version, the prices start at 50,180 euros, the standard small battery (486 km WLTP) and 52,380 euros for the Long Range (581 km WLTP). EC40 which in its version with two engines goes up to 58,372 euros (542 km WLTP).

Volvo EX40 and EC40 price overview

  • EX40 Single Engine Price: 48,275 euros
  • Extra Standard EX40 Single Motor: 50.475 euros
  • EX40 Dual Motor: 56.466 euros
  • EC40 Single Engine Price: 50,180 euros
  • EC40 Single Motor Extended Range: 52.180 euros
  • EC40 Dual Motor: 58.372 euros