Volvo is renaming the XC40 and C40, the electric SUVs are more popular with new names when they are renamed EX40 and EC40.

Volvo is renaming the XC40 and C40, the electric SUVs are more popular with new names when they are renamed EX40 and EC40.

Volvo’s new electric car strategy began to take shape after the announcement of the new EX90. The largest SUV of the Swedish brand began to design and push, but also a commercial name that has now reached compact representatives. The XC40 and C40 Recharge drop these names in favor of the EX40 and EC40.

Volvo faces a new era after confirming that electrification is its future. Just a few days ago the last diesel in its history left the production lines, and now all its efforts They are moving towards plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. The combination of series forces a rethinking of the strategy involving changes in commercial names, although the structure is the same, distinguished by small details.

The successful Volvo XC40 has risen to the top of the sales charts in the continent and around the world, but To differentiate the electric offerings, they took the last name Recharge from their hands.. Now, those from Gothenburg have changed the strategy and have also preferred to distinguish them by name, so the XC40 follows after the flagship and the younger brother in the range, to be known. Volvo EX40. The same thing has also been done with the coupe body variant, which has added a second vowel to the name that until now appeared at the back.

The interior of the new Volvo EX40 and EC40 remains the same.

Volvo adds the “EX” designation to its electric SUVs

The Volvo C40 is now the EX40. The small name changes but with an eye to the future and as combustion versions and plug-in hybrids disappear. A new updated nomenclature that will allow customers to more clearly identify which electronic types and which will be used. hybrids, as these will continue to have the standard insignia, suffixes T6 or T8 which indicate the output power, but not the Recharge power given to the electrified ones.

“By aligning our first electrified models with our electric vehicle portfolio, we are simplifying the choice for consumers as we continue to expand our electrification range and renew our hybrids,” explains Björn Annwall, Volvo’s commercial director and deputy CEO.

The Volvo XC40 PHEV is losing the Recharge name, like the electric ones

With this new movement, PHEV versions continue to remain within the XC40 range. Volvo takes another step in its strategy towards 2030, characterized by the increasing presence of electric vehicles, a line that is clearly increasing. The global sales of the Swedish brand in the past year 2023 bear this out, increasing the total worldwide volume by 16 percent and taking no less than 70 percent more compared to 2022.