Volvo EX30 Previews Revealed Ahead Of June 2023 Launch

Volvo EX30 Previews Revealed Ahead Of June 2023 Launch

FEB 07, 2023@11:00 WIB | 189 comments

With the all-new EX90, Volvo now has a flagship electric SUV. Below those models, the brand has the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge electric crossovers and a new entry-level EV has been confirmed. Tentatively dubbed the EX30, it’s expected to debut in June this year, though you won’t have to wait until its official launch to see it. The exclusive rendering provides the most accurate preview of the new electric crossover from Sweden.

Volvo promises the EX30 (name unconfirmed at this time) will be very safe, with a good range for its size. This means the EX30 will follow the same formula as the EX90 and 40-series crossovers, at least in terms of design. As a preview, the EX30 borrows the front fascia of the brand’s popular EV SUVs and will combine it with smaller fenders, larger wheels and a two-tone exterior.

As mentioned above, the EX30 will be positioned below the XC40 Recharge in Volvo’s electric lineup. The XC40 alone offers a range of up to 460 kilometers in the WLTP cycle and 240 miles per EPA on a single charge of the 69-kWh battery. Recently, the crossover received major upgrades and the basic design was converted to a rear-wheel drive layout, making it Volvo’s first RWD in over 25 years.

We’ve heard that the new EX30 will use Geely’s SEA platform and will share architecture with the next-generation Polestar subcompact EV crossover. The base versions of both models will include a single electric motor on the rear axle, while optionally there can be a more powerful dual motor variant with AWD capability. As a note, the Smart #1 uses the same underpinnings and has the Brabus version of the 422 horsepower (315 kilowatt) engine. [ibd/zz/timBX] various sources