Volvo earns R$ 100 million for Internet business

Volvo earns R$ 100 million for Internet business


Sales of used trucks, availability of parts and provision of Service Plans are among the main solutions offered by Volvo in the digital environment.

A pioneer in e-commerce in the heavy vehicle industry in Brazil, this month Volvo reached a milestone of R$ 100 million in online sales. The value corresponds to the total sold including parts, services, new and semi-new vehicles and service plans since the company started working in digital sales channels, more than ten years ago.

We have been evolving for years on this interactive business journey in the digital environment. We started with pre-owned trucks, expanded to parts and service and recently have also been selling new trucks that way.”, explains Alcides Cavalcanti, executive director of trucks at Volvo.

According to the Swedish car manufacturer, the business model is fully set up, with practical follow-up from the first contact of an interested party to the end of the sale. The start of the conversation can be done through one of the brand’s websites or through campaigns activated in other channels, such as social networks or WhatsApp. “Volvo’s digital presence is strategic and fully integrated with our dealer network. Every purchase intention received by the factory is filtered, classified and ultimately processed by the Volvo Network, providing a smooth cycle that gives customers confidence.”, assures Alessandra Almada, marketing manager for trucks and buses at Volvo.

Volvo’s digital journey began in 2010 with the creation of the website. A pioneer among truck manufacturers, the site has become a reference in a new segment by bringing together and making available hundreds of vehicles physically dispersed in brand dealers throughout Brazil in one environment, under the direct management of Volvo. Behind the scenes there is a solid business process, which guarantees the origin of the truck, the technical review and the parameters specified by the factory technicians, among other things that give buyers confidence. “We have many cases of customers buying without seeing the cars in person, such as reputation and trust in the brand and the digital process.”, assures Almada.

In 2017, the automaker also led the launch of, the first partially electronic business in the Brazilian trucking industry. All donors participate in the system. The digital platform is managed by the brand, but has online support, which pays for the products and works in the delivery of equipment throughout Brazil. “It is a model of the Market similar to the e-commerce of large retail chains, which manages a digital shopping platform, but mobilizes several partners for the sale and delivery of products.”, explains Almada.

Volvo was also the first in the industry to connect its digital parts sales channel to Instagram, one of the largest and most active social networks. Customers view the brand’s entire portfolio of features in the app. With one more click, the system automatically redirects the interested party to complete the purchase on the segment’s official website.

Today, shippers and fleet managers can also purchase Volvo Service Plans digitally. Currently, 8 out of 10 trucks already leave the factory with some form of contract Service Plan.

The goal, according to Alessandra, is to increase sales of cars, services and parts, but also to ensure real benefits for customers, to provide greater flexibility in delivery, to improve processes. In what is known as “Volvo World”, with a presence in more than 100 countries, the Brazilian operation is considered the most digital.We have been a reference in this area for other units of the Group”, observes the manager.