Volkswagen is testing a prototype of electric buses that will be produced in the country in 2024;  know the details

Volkswagen is testing a prototype of electric buses that will be produced in the country in 2024; know the details

The first aggregator of electric trucks in the country, Volkswagen Trucks and Buses (VWCO) began testing the first battery-powered bus that should enter the market next year, according to the company’s president, Roberto Cortes.

called from e-VolksbusO carwhich is still a prototype, was delivered this Tuesday, the 23rd, at the group’s factory Resend (RJ), where it will be released. It will use several features that are already being prepared Electronic submissionbrand truck that was produced in the country and had, so far, 350 units sold in the Brazilian market and others sold outside of Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay and Guatemala.

In addition to the issue of decarbonisation, since it does not pollute the environment, a 100% electric bus will have more advantages than diesel buses because maintenance and operating cost will be down. According to Cortes, since it is a simple car, with few parts, maintenance costs will be up to 50% lower. The operating cost, which involves electricity instead of fuel, will be between 50% and 70% lower.

“Even if the price of an electric bus is twice and a half, or more, in relation to a diesel one, it pays for itself in up to five years due to reduced maintenance and operation”, says Cortes. He says that this price difference is primarily due to economies of scale, but, in the future, with increased production, the trend is that it will decrease to a level where, at some point, it will be cheaper than combustion. then.

If the car will also be made by module system which VWCO takes in all its products manufactured in Resende, modification for different configurations. According to the company, this is a concept to make the construction of electric vehicles easier and provide more space for the battery.

Electric models are already running across the country

There are already electric buses running in some states, provided by the company Eletra of Brazil and for Chinese BYD. In São Paulo, for example, there are 100 trams operating for passenger transport. A Mercedes-Benz will start production of its electric model in São Bernardo do Campo (SP) in the second half of the year and Marcopolo there will also be buses with this technology.

Cortes also informs that the group sold 500 buses with Euro 6 technology, which is also mandatory for trucks from this year. They reduce fuel consumption by 5% and emit 80% less NOx and 50% less particulate matter compared to previous technology, and are safer, more convenient for drivers and passengers. Among the customers who will drive these vehicles are Auto Viação Chapecó, Tursan and Vabene Transtur.