Volkswagen ID.  Goodyear prefers Buzz

Volkswagen ID. Goodyear prefers Buzz

ISTANBUL (AA) – Volkswagen chose Goodyear summer, winter and all-season tires for the ID.Buzz, its first electric model in the light commercial vehicle segment.

According to a statement by Goodyear, Volkswagen, ID. Buzz and his family prefer Goodyear tires as the real equipment in the ID.Buzz Cargo models, which is the cargo and cargo version.

Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5, which is recommended for handling in dry and wet weather and designed for maximum comfort, will be offered with 18-inch equipment. ID. While responding to the vehicle’s energy from the Buzz’s powertrain, it also offers a comfortable and quiet ride.

ID. Goodyear UltraGrip Performance+, which is recommended for the Buzz family to provide excellent performance on snow and ice roads, is designed to provide strong handling on dry roads as well. The tire model also includes features that reduce the risk of aquaplaning. As part of Goodyear’s winter tire range, the UltraGrip Performance+ also features the ‘3PMSF’ logo, which indicates that it is specially designed for icy and snowy conditions.

Goodyear ID. Vector 4Seasons Gen-3, the all-season solution it offers to the Buzz family, is appreciated by those who want maximum performance in all weather conditions. This tire model also comes with the 3PMSF logo.

Hans Vrijsen, General Manager of Goodyear EMEA Consumer OE, whose comments are included in the statement, said that Volkswagen’s identity. Explaining that it was a great opportunity to be chosen to supply the tires for the Buzz model, he said, “We meet all the requirements and our three types of tires are available. Because it is an electric vehicle, we took extra care to reduce rolling resistance. Electric transmission is an important part of Goodyear’s strategy, we have a variety of tires to suit the needs and performance of electric vehicles.’ he used expressions.