Volkswagen ID.7 GTX: Coming “wild” with 340 hp!

Volkswagen ID.7 GTX: Coming “wild” with 340 hp!

A few days ago, Volkswagen continue formal presentation of new electric ID.7. In particular, it is about one sedan car which belongs to middle classhave one efficient operating system. now, German brand he announced one more surprise about the model, which is about creation version GTX.

According to information,, ID.7 GTX it will be equipment together with the latest generation of electric drive systems of the brand. More specifically, it will have one electric motor in each axisto create automatic four-wheel drive. More than that, Volkswagen he has chosen a range of design elements of gameshighlighting more strong character of.

In fact, the company has also announced launch date of ID.7 GTXwhere we hope to learn always for this; for this. More specifically, presentation will be done September 5-10in Car shows IAA Mobility inside of Munich.

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With 340 horsepower, the new Volkswagen ID.7 GTX

Inside of Volkswagen ID.7unit power management of car he is responsible for it mind control of 2-motor four-wheel drive system. Especially, this one program make him successful the best combination of energy efficiency, strong character and driving stability. More than that, unit it controls all brake systems, address and frame controlaccording to selected driving profile.

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According to so far data,, strength of electric vehicle system of in version GTXit will be enough for them 340 horsepower. yes, improvements have been all in machinery as well as in operating system of the car, depending on seasonal platform MEB of group. The goal of to interveneis to give various between comfort and sports behavior. Without doubt, the ability to select a driving profile.

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THE sports version GTX it is part of its range Volkswagen since 2 years. The powerful cars combine electromobility, sustainability and intelligent game behavior. Also, trends to arrange he insists special behavior and to be recognized of high quality models GTX.

Features that make the new version stand out

THE German company he has chosen Red and black elementsfor them to represent version GTX inside of internal affairs. More specifically, details like red seam GTX in seats,, dashboard and they doors make sure one special feeling.

THE external structureon the other hand, he stands outside from shiny black stuff. Yes, with an additional feature standard black finish his ceiling and colored window glassesensure that the future ID.7 GTX will have one powerful and Special appearance.