Volkswagen, Audi and Cupra could use the iconic name for their electric ‘Porsche Boxster’.

Volkswagen, Audi and Cupra could use the iconic name for their electric ‘Porsche Boxster’.

21/02/2024 11:30

Updated 02/21/2024 11:30

We already know what it means to belong to a car group. Typically, various parts and components are shared between different products. That is the example of Volkswagen ID.3of which other examples are given, viz Cupra was born. It is true that each brand gives its personal touch in terms of dynamics or feeling but, in essence, they are very close to each other. Something similar could happen in the coming years with the arrival of the new electric Porsche Boxster.

As they have been able to find out from the media Motor vehicle, via a leak by an anonymous executive, Porsche’s new electric sports car could lay the foundations for a new generation of ‘zero-emissions’ models that will be seen across several brands. One of them will be Volkswagen, which aims to name its electric car after one of its historical torture cars: the Scirocco.

The new electric Volkswagen Scirocco will arrive around 2028.

Volkswagen wants to relaunch the Scirocco

The publication of the aforementioned vehicle suggests that Volkswagen will not be the only one to launch its ‘Porsche Boxster’, but other brands such as Audi or Cupra will also follow. The latter two will do the same by launching, respectively, and a new generation of TT and a commercial model based on the Dark Rebel.

Reports suggest that this could become a reality from 2028, although the Porsche Boxster will see the green light from 2025, when its commercial journey will begin. Thomas SchäferThe CEO of Volkswagen has already requested the approval of the project from the leadership of the brand and is waiting for the award to be formalized.

In particular, the electric Volkswagen Scirocco will be presented as the sportiest and most attractive alternative in the range. In size it would be placed above the electric Golf of the future (instead of the current ID.3), although its approach will be completely different. While the compact would use the SSP platform, Scirocco would stay on PPEthe same one that the new electric Boxster and Cayman will use.

The Audi TT and Volkswagen Scirocco will adapt the Boxster concept to adapt the four-seat cabin.

Although the exact information on this platform has not yet been published in detail, it is expected that it can be adapted to vehicles with low ground clearance, namely: sports cars. This will be achieved thanks to the placement of the battery in the central tunnel of the cabin, as well as behind the cabin. In this way, the same feeling as the dynamics of a car with a combustion engine in the center-rear position will be provided. Unlike the Boxster or Dark Rebel (both will have two seats), it is expected that the new Scirocco and the future electric Audi TT will extend the wheelbase to pass the cabin for four people.

Of course, it is still too early to announce the figures or specifications that these Volkswagen Group models will have. However, the minimum power they deliver is expected to be around 300 HP for the single engine variant. There will also be an alternative with an electric motor block and all-wheel drive that will start around 400 HP and will go over 600 HP in its most powerful version.